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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I trudged out the door this morning for my walk with K, full of high hopes that my flu symptoms might disappear after walking a bit.
Storm clouds loomed in all directions, reflecting how I felt. Alas, in stark contrast to me, K seemed happy and full of zip. She kept picking up sticks and requesting that I play with her.
She galloped through deep snow by choice.
And then she found yet another stick to try to pry out of the snow. This was a big one.
It was, most definitely, a good day for K. It's been almost two months since her diagnosis with osteosarcoma, and I feel like we've lived each day as fully and joyfully as possible.
Although walking didn't make me feel better, seeing K so happy made my heart sing.

Today, as I struggled with the flu, I thought about our canine friend, Lilly, who has been so gravely ill recently. She was struck with an inflammation of her entire nervous system, including her brain, and she spent many days in the hospital, barely able to move. Compared to how sick I feel, Lilly felt at least 100 times worse.

Lilly is home now but is still struggling to recover her full mobility and strength. To my eye, she's made incredible strides since her worst days but she still has a battle ahead of her. The good news is that she has a good chance at a full recovery and a normal happy life.
If you could go over to Lilly's blog and give her a word or two of encouragement or even contribute to her Chipin fund for vet bills, I'd be incredibly grateful. Your support has meant so much to me, and I think that it would mean as much to Lilly's human, Roxanne.

Like last night's blazing sunset light, support from friends can feel like a shining beacon in an otherwise dark world. I've learned this firsthand from all of you. Thank you.


  1. KB I hope you get to feeling better soon.
    Sure hope Lilly gets better as well. MOM and I will stop by her place.
    K with a big stick makes my heart go thump thump. Makes me want to run outside and get one of my own.

  2. Here is for ALL to feel better...

    We will pay a visit and throw in some chips ;-)

  3. We hope you're feeling better! We loved those pictures. You can almost feel how much fun K is having!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. DArn it all, I have been ahving problems with the new computer and the internet. We can only get about half the pictures and it is driving us nuts.

    But we did get the last picture of your sunset last night and that was an amazing cloud coming over the mountain.

    So glad K is having so many good days and sorry you have the flu.

    We are going to check and see how LIlly is doing. It really has been a tough go for her to.

    Get some sleep.

    Bert and My Vickie

  5. Try and get some rest. I know K will be taking good care of you. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Also sending good vibes to Lilly.

  6. Thank you so much for the mention. We know how lucky we are, and we know it could be so much worse ... but that does not mean Lilly's recovery will be easy.

  7. Having the flu is miserable! I'm sorry you've got it. Hopefully it passes quickly!

    I love seeing K looking so happy and carefree! She certainly doesn't have a worry in the world! :)

  8. I think my earlier comment got away from me. Its so fun to see K out with her sticks plowing through the snow! Very happy-making!

    Sorry to hear y ou have the flu. A lot of people think when they have the flu going to bed for a couple of hours really helps. You are the first who has felt a walk in the snow would make you better.
    I myself subscribe to the beddy bye theory.

    I will check in with Lilly tomorrow and see if I can be of any help.

    Cheers and hugs,


  9. Yes Indeed guys, Having a lovely friends and sharing cuddling moments with them is one of my treasure moments, and K your one of my friends here in blogland. keep safe :)

    It's all About Pet Fences | Dog Fence

  10. Sorry to hear you have the flu. Like Jo, I would never think about going out in the snow to feel better:) But then too we don't have any snow.

    Two months already? Seems to have flown by to me, but I bet it has been a lifetime or two to you.

    We will pay your friend a visit now. We hope Lilly recovers well.

  11. You better rest a bit K. You sure are a great stick finder
    Benny & Lily

  12. Oh how it warms my soul to see joyous K so carefree and happy. Take care of yourself, good blogger buddy. Hope your symptoms are gone soon.

  13. My Mommy goes crazy for your pictures. She has always wanted to visit Colorado. I must hear that about 6 times a week and now she has a place to come and at least see it. Thanks! I hope you are feeling better and of course K. We will go and visit Lilly and try to spread some love and magic bubbles.

    Loveys Sasha

  14. I LOVE seeing K looking so playful and happy. It brings joy to my heart. So Sorry you have flu-stuff. You girls take care of each other!! Off to see Lilly.

  15. Sorry you're afflicted with the flu. Almost said 'down with the flu,' but clearly you're not that.

    We are sorry to hear about Lilly's illness and will certainly visit her and wish her well.

    Good, as always, to see K so full of life and joy.

    Jed & Abby

  16. May your body feel better; we think you soul is just fine! Sending White Dog strength and thanks.

    Off to see Lilly and help.

  17. I hope you feel better soon! Glad it was a good day for K. Just stopped by Lilly's
    Dachshund Nola

  18. The flu...yuk! I hope you get over it quickly. K looks like she was having a hoot with those sticks. I love the way she tries to entice you to play!

    Nice of you to post about Lilly, we have been following her and her recovery.

  19. Hope you are feeling better. Beautiful to see K with her stick treasures! Love the great morning walkies, so many refreshing sticks to find :)
    We went over to visit Lilly. Oh wow, what a scary experience. Was the initial cause a medication reaction...couldn't find the back-post about how things started. We are hoping Lilly is on the path to recovery.

    Big hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  20. Hope you feel better soon.
    K is looking really good.
    Poor, poor Lilly :(

  21. K looks like she is having a wonderful time. Hope you are soon feeling better KB.
    Sunset shot is amazing.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  22. Hope you feel much better soon. I am feeling somewhat debilitated and yesterday I had to sit on the grass, as I felt as if I was going to faint, as the sweat was oozing out of me. My poor Kirra cuddled up next to me - throughout.

    Wonderful to see K enjoying every moment and we continue to send paws and hands in prayer.

    Your photo's capture beautifully the elements of nature.

  23. You do look very happy with your sticks, K. I hope your mom feels better soon.

    Love ya lots,

  24. So sorry you have the flu :(:( Boy that is one huge stick in K's mouth! She continues to amaze me! Thanks for the link, I contributed a small amount (I wish it could be more) to help Lilly and her owner with her vet bills. She certainly is a fighter, just like K.

    Fell better soon!


  25. So glad that K was having so much fun in the snow, but felt bad that you could not fully enjoy it! Paws crossed that you both feel much better soon!!!


  26. Feel better real soon KB! Your little girl needs you healthy and strong. I'm sure K is taking great care of you.

    Another beautiful and inspirational post!

    Lily Belle

  27. We hope you feel better soon. K looks like she had a wonderful day yesterday. We want to come play in your snow, but we are afraid you would have to plow us a path being short-legged hounds and all. We are headed over to visit your friend. You have a great day! Sniffs, The HounDogs

  28. Having the flu is no fun. I hope you feel better soon. I don't know Lilly, but I will certainly stop by and wish her well.

    Your pal, Pip

  29. Ohhhh, K looks like she's having so much fun! I want to come hiking with you guys someday.

    Paws crossed for Lilly!

  30. Da flu makes your whole body hurt...or so I am told.
    You knows, I nevers gets tired of seein' K romp in da snow and play with sticks. I just loves to see her so happy and seizing every moment.

    We heard bouts Lilly, we'll go stop by.

    BEAUTIFUL sunset!!!!!


  31. Going straight over to see Lilly now. But first... take some care of yourself! Drink some tea and rest! K looks amazing - just incredibly happy with those large "sticks"!!! All your pictures are so beautiful, but that last one of the sky is stunning and so dramatic! Feel Better!
    Sammie, Avalon and Mom

  32. I hope you will feel better soon. It's wonderful to see K doing so well. Each day, lived to the fullest, is all we really can hope for in life. And serious illness, be it our own or that of a loved one, can make our vision so much clearer and each day so much brighter. I hope I'm expressing this right. Anyway, your sunset photo is gorgeous.

  33. I feel me not well too. Many have flu here just now. Great pictures again. The first one is magic. I put out some food for a roe so I could take pictures.
    I just let the dogs out and it was a howling as they saw the roe. So it didn´t come back in daylight. Of course, they are hunting dogs so thats natural...I could have looked out of the window first :-(

  34. Sending love and healing purrs to you all. xx

  35. So sorry to hear you're under the weather. I hope you feel better soon.

    That last photo is simply incredible!

  36. KB
    We'we so sowwy that you awe still feeling so awful..I'm sending my special healing smoochies to help you..thank dog that K is having such pwecious, wondewful days enjoying each awe bof in ouw thoughts and pwayews..we will go visit sweet Lilly..hoping that she makes a full wecovewy
    smoochie kisses

  37. Hi KB
    I am so happy that K is feeling happy. Such beautiful photos!
    And I am sad that you are feeling sicky!
    I hope you are feeling betters.
    We will go pack some healing bubbles and take them over to Lillys home, and of course keep our paws crossed for her.

  38. Hi Y'all,

    What fantastic moments and expressions you caught with your magic lens!

    Hope you feel better soon, KB.

    BrownDog's Human

  39. I sure hope you feel better soon, KB! Flu bugs sure are nasty. :-( As usual, just gorgeous pics! Especially love the one of K perched against the sky on the snowy ridge. K is truly an inspiration.

  40. K is so much like Sophie that I marvel at the the antics displayed with the giving up that piece of stick ever. Next time you get the flu try oscillo for short....we use this and the flu and symptoms are gone . They just are so minimal. Looks like it is a Canadian product but may be sold in the US somewhere I should think.
    Been taking a break lately so am catching up...take care all of you!


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