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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bark with all your soul!

During our last day of morning hiking before snow biking returns to our lives, Shyla and I played some training games. This is an old trick... although sticking out her tongue is a new touch.
This is a new trick - bark on cue. Shyla throws her whole soul into it.
And looks a bit crazed after each bark.
When she gets going, she adores barking.
But she often sneaks a peek at me in the midst of it, perhaps to see if I am still happy about it.
A great part of teaching a dog to bark on cue is that it makes it easier to teach them to stop barking when you ask them to. It really works, at least within the training session. We're still working on generalizing it to the rest of life.

And, to finish, a piece of good news. R is starting to run off leash just a little bit!
That makes all of us very happy!

P.S. I managed to get my hands on one of those migraine headbands, and I'll start using it tonight. I'm not expecting miracles but maybe it will help. I'm in the midst of about a million tests to figure out if anything sinister underlies all of these migraines.


  1. That's great news about R! I love Shyla's collar by the way. Is it Lupine? I wish I could teach my crew to bark on cue, and thus to stop barking when I tell them to.

  2. Is that a bark? It looks like a howl to us. Thought she was tapping her inner wolf.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  3. You and Shyla have such fun times together:)

    Lightning is the only barker here, and it might not be a bad idea to train him as you suggest:)

    You know we will be waiting to hear how that headband works for you - and we are hoping it helps a lot.

  4. She looks awesome. and I'm so glad R is running again. He healed fast! Now to get you healed.

  5. such glee she shows! love!

    good luck with the headband!

  6. I hope the headband works for you and it will alleviate your pain.
    Good news about R bet he's happy to run off leash too.
    As for Shyla barking whats your secret? Cinnamon never barks at anything. In 7 years I have only heard her twice bark and that was at a raccoon in a tree.

  7. So glad he's running off leash! Nola barks on cue, too. Actually, she gets so excited it's more of a banshee scream/shriek. :p
    Nola's Mom

  8. Love the waving!

    Stop on by for a visit

  9. Shyla you do that howl sooooo good!
    And I bet it sounds beautiful too!
    We hope some answers are found for you KB

  10. I pray the tests reveal some answers, KB, so that you will at least know & then can begin to do battle with the cause. I pray too that the migraine headband works. I believe strongly in the use of alternative "medicine" & have no doubt this headband works... I just pray it works for YOU & your type of migraine.

    I adore the pictures of Shyla barking on command. Our Standards used to howl like there was no tomorrow, whenever the Motel 6 commercial came on the radio. No kidding! I laugh at the thought even now, almost 9 years since their passing. They both would hear that commercial start & come running to wherever I was at, in the house. They'd both throw their head back & "let it rip". *ROTFLOL* We surmised it might have been the violins in the background music that caused them to howl but that commercial can't play today without all of us in the household having a chuckle... and remembering.

    Such precious memories our furry family members create for us, even years after they've gone on ahead of us.

    Answers to your migraines are coming.... I can feel it.

    Blessings~ Andrea

  11. I can't help grinning at Shyla and her antics! What great news about R, too! I hope the headband helps and that you get things under control soon.

  12. It's great seeing R run again! And it's always a joy to see pictures of Shyla. Good luck getting rid of the migraines.

  13. R, the sight of you makes us happy! Your girl is so very smart; thank goodness you recognize her abilities and regularly challenge her. Sending White Dog healing energies that the headband helps and migraines disappear.

  14. We absolutely love you, Shyla! You are one special girl. And we are thrilled to hear your news, R!
    Have a great day, guys!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  15. My mom suffered debilitating migraines in her 20s (she was hospitalized because they thought she was having a stroke). She found some diet changes helped. I know she took out red wine and I can't for the life of me remember everything else (I was just a little kid at the time).

    We are working on similar commands in our house. We have mastered the barking and are working on the hush!
    Shyla looks so proud of herself barking away!

  16. Saw this article this morning, KB. It's all probably stuff you know or have read before but... wanted to share "just in case":


  17. Oh my word Shyla you are hilarious
    Lily & Edward

  18. Adorable as always!

    Hoping your migraines are not from anything worse. :/

  19. I'd love to teach Ruby to bark on command!

  20. Shyla is great, what a look she has on the first Picture. Miss our dogs but they are doing ok with our friends. Saturday we will be back home

  21. A good week - hope the headband helps some and that the tests reveal something that is easily fixed. Good for Shyla - love her and glad to see R out running!

  22. Terrific news! All fingers and paws crossed here...

  23. Your pictures made me smile :) She really DOES look like she's having such much fun barking!!! I love the photo of her peeking at you, too.
    It looks like she's happy to be given permission to do something she really wanted to do.

    RE: migrains. Have you ever been tested for celiac or even gluten sensitivity? Could be another (COMMON) cause. Cyrex labs have great tests for this. (I'm in the medical field, but not assoc. with the lab in any way) If you Google celiac (or gluten) + migrains, or look in PubMed, you'll find a lot of info. on this. You could try 3 wks without any grains and see if that helps. Easy and cheap to do for 3 wks. May not be this, but it's worth checking.

    Behr Behr's mom :)

  24. As a huge fan of coyote singing, I love the shots of Shyla pouring her heart and soul into barking! And how fantastic that both you and R are getting back to what you love! Hope good news continues to come your way!


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