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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One Day at a Time

I am still awed when I see photos of Shyla like this one, standing so strong and so proud - knowing how she started - as a scared and completely underconfident puppy.
My head wasn't hurting this morning, although I still had that fuzzy brain that the migraine medicine gives me. Shyla seemed determined to make me smile. When I called her even half-heartedly, she sprinted to me, leaving a trail of snowflake dust in her wake.
Then, she grabbed a stick, having decided that it was time to play. As she brought it to me, she was fully airborne and had incredible hang-time. I smiled!
The elk were moving through our neck of the woods this morning during our hike. To avoid spooking them, we had to go on the route where a neighbor and her large group of dogs run. That group scares Shyla immensely.  When the elk aren't dictating our route, we stay out of the dog pack's way. Alas, today, we had no choice but to see them.

I've finally figured out that Shyla deals best with the swarm of dogs if I get on the ground next to her and help protect some of her personal space. Today, it worked really well, and their human commented that it was the first time that she'd ever seen Shyla's golden eyes. Shyla usually averts her face so none of them can really see her.
I was proud of my girl today. Standing tall while surrounded by nine dogs, no matter how harmless they may be, takes courage.

Later, by myself, I saw the elk up-close who we'd been avoiding on our hike. By that time, it was snowing very hard. All eyes were on me at first.
Some bulls still have their antlers.
And the cow elk still watch over their calves.
I adore having the elk herd, more than 100-strong, spend the winter in our neck of the woods. Sightings like these make me so happy!

It has been a good day so far. I've been able to enjoy Shyla's small triumph with the dog pack and to enjoy seeing the elk. One day at a time.

P.S. Thank you for all the suggestions about my migraines. Your caring means the world to me. I tried to buy one of the electrical stimulation headbands that the FDA just approved (suggested by you) but there are none available yet in the US. Soon, I hope.


  1. awesome to see the elk! very great photos! and your shots of shyla are always stellar! the one of the mid-air jump with stick is perfection!

  2. Shyla, you make us all proud sweetie!

  3. What a fantastic idea!! I would not have thought of that, getting down with Shyla to help protect her space with the dogs. That is awesome and maybe something I can try with my dogs. I love it!

    You go girls!! :)

  4. Good for Shyla - and of course, all due to your great work and patience with her.

    I am very curious to learn more about the migraine stimulation headband - would love to find something to help my daughter too.

    Hope tomorrow is a very good day for you.

  5. Shyla looks so comfortable and confident! And I myself would not be comfortable surrounded by nine large dogs. Nine puppies, sure. But nine dogs is a real pack.

  6. We love seeing all your wildlife. Makes us smile. Thanks for sharing.

    And congratulations, Shyla!

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  7. Brave Shyla & her brave Human-Mama. Now to figure out who rubbed off on who. :)

    Still praying... still holding you all close in mind & heart too.

    Answers are coming... they are coming on the wings of the spring wind.


  8. Wow those Elk are beautiful!
    And Shyla- were so proud of you!!!!
    Hang on KB,,,, we are still rooting for you!

  9. Glad you had a good day! You and Shyla are so good for each other.

  10. Hi, those photos are superb, close-ups like I could reach out and hold her paws.
    The elk, only in my wildest dreams would we see them like that down here. When I was getting migraines, frequently, they tried me, ONCE only. on "Imigran" or it's other name,
    sumatriptan succinate. I had it once, and felt so ill, my head wasn't like it should be even if the pain went. and never again. I think it makes the blood vessels narrower, , but it felt like all the blood was rushing though like a river. Now, how would any Doctor accept that as a fact??? Maybe this new idea will give you some much needed respite. Well done to Shyla, and yes, comfort right down low, great idea. I too, would want someone to be down there with me if 9 dogs were round. Hugs to all, Jean.

  11. We cheer Shyla's moments of personal triumph for they speak of a deep bond and trust that makes our hearts sing!

  12. I'm glad it was such a good day. Yay to both of you!

  13. So glad that you had a good day!! I will never tire of looking at beautiful Shyla!! Love the airborne pic!!

  14. We love your AireBorn picture, Shyla! Thank you for making your mom smile ☺
    Hey, we love chewing on the antlers that are on that elk's head!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  15. We read somewhere that the headband was available from Costco. You can also order it directly from Cefaly here:

    The airborne photo is magical!

  16. Go, Shyla! I know you're proud :) Yes, I read on Cephaly.US that they won't start shipping until April - I'm glad you are considering it. If there was even the slightest chance it would help, I'd buy one, for sure. About 40 reviews on Amazon and Costco.CA, and all but a few report very good results. However, my hope is that you will be doing much better by April, anyway :)

  17. Wonderful photos of Shyla - she is so strong and proud --- just like her owners :) Those elk photos are amazing! I too think this community of bloggers/commenters are like an extended family. It is wonderful to see and read when someone is in need of help (and we all need help sometimes).

    Take care,

    Indy Bones and Diane

  18. You catch some amazing shots of your girl
    Lily & Edward

  19. Shyla is so beautiful! I am not normally a "Lab person" but she is just stunning.

  20. Shyla is teaching you do much! She is evidence of a pure heart.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

  21. Lovely elk Pictures. Great to have them nearby....
    Hope you are doing ok today?

  22. Wow beautiful shots. I don't know how you do it when you aren't feeling well. Yay for Shyla! Love the elk. I was going to add the link to the Defenders of Wildlife photo contest but I missed the deadline. However I get notified of such contests occasionally and I'll try to remember to let you know 'cause I'm sure you would win.

  23. These are amazing pictures. We are so happy to see that Shyla has come a long way. She looks so happy!

  24. I love that she's come so far! It's so heart-warming to know she's gained confidence and trust. :)

    The photos are stunning; I especially love seeing Colorado wildlife. I love our state!


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