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Friday, March 7, 2014

Zany Ears

Springtime in our neck of the woods is unpredictable and wild. Yesterday, we had a little bit of sunshine, teasing us before the current storm.
Because I've been a bit more subdued on our hikes since the migraine-induced haze hit, Shyla has been making fun for herself, zooming in circles around me carrying all sorts of objects.
When we returned home, a visitor came to our clearing who had zany ears! First, he peeked in the window just feet away from me - a Peeping Tom. Then, I went out to capture his handsome visage.
He was a dark-colored Abert's Squirrel.
He wasn't certain that he trusted me and stayed up high for a while.
Soon, he became curious and peered at me from his perch in a Ponderosa Pine. These squirrels live only in habitat that includes Ponderosa Pines, which limits their range substantially.
Since I hoped that he'd visit again, I went inside at that point to avoid scaring him off and to give him space to forage.

And, because it's wild and crazy almost-spring here, we woke up to this today!
Shyla wore my hat briefly, and then we hiked out into the snowy world. I've learned to welcome these wet snows that hit from March through May because they are nature's way of nurturing the wildflowers, the first of which should poke out of the ground in a month or so!


  1. oh, those crazy-eared squirrels live in the US? i've only seen them on blogs in europe. so cute!

  2. Abert's Squirrel is really a cutie! I have only seen guys like this in pictures and I hope he does come back!

    The pup in the hat is cute too. We were supposed to get sleet, but didn't. Its still winter though.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  3. Hi KB, I've never seen this type of squirrel before; thank you for sharing. You have a much better attitude about the snow currently than I do-I am ready for spring but know it will be months yet. We have been having a few days of sunshine here and I hope to start riding soon. Beat that migraine my friend.

  4. I'm glad we don't have Ponderosa Pines here. We definitely do not need another type of squirrel.

  5. Such fun photos! Ears to a mighty fine weekend!

  6. That squirrel is crazy! And so cute.

    Hey, congratulations on your "Best Dog Blog" BlogPaws nomination. You get our vote for sure!!!!

  7. That is one interesting squirrel, never seen one or heard of them before. You got some great shots of him.

    We are due for a quick burst of snow tomorrow too, but all it is going to do here is enhance the mud areas in the yard due to somepup whose name I won't mention:)

    Have a peaceful weekend.

  8. Shyla amusing herself reminds me of Montana, one of my grandpups. They're just priceless when they do that.

    I also love the picture of her in the hat. Lucky you getting some snow. We could use more precipitation down here in NM. They're already worried about forest fires.

    I hope the migraines are going away.

  9. That is a very funny squirrel to come visit you! And he is very beautiful!
    And more beautiful is Shyla in her hat!

  10. Cute squirrel...Ponderosa Pines...that's why SHE's never seen that sort.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  11. Shyla, that hat is you girl!! That squirrel is awesome, I have never seen one like that so thanks for sharing.

    Anne and Sasha

  12. Definitely rocking that hat Shyla! What a wild squirrel! I have never seen or heard of these before. I believe when we visited Cloudcroft NM they had Ponderosa Pines but we never saw any of these cute guys! Hope you are feeling better.

  13. What nutty ears on that squirrel! We love you in your mom's hat, Shyla!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  14. What a gift …. to be visited and entertained by such a rare and special squirrel!

  15. I love that squirrel. I have never seen it before! Enjoy your snow.

  16. Yes, we did a burst of snow yesterday - and today we have spring. Have to love this time of year.

    And congratulations on the best dog blog finalists with BlogPaws!

  17. Haha - she looks cute in your hat!

    We don't have many squirrels out this way, so unlike other folks I always love to see them and see photos of them. :)

    Monty and Harlow

  18. I showed the picture of the picture of the crazy eared squirrel to Mr Wilson and now he's not satisfied with ours. Brat.

  19. Just plain kooky-fun. Once again Shyla & Sophie have the same facial expressions and play with sticks. Always having to have something in their mouths. My vet said be careful because wood splinters can get lodged in their mouth or throat, so I play for a bit and them distract her so I can check the stick. I try to have a ball around because all she can do with that is chew it too pieces, every time, such strong jaws!

    I hope your migraine situation is abating, nothing more crippling than not being able to handle those bright beautiful Colo. blue skies!

    Take care, Ron

  20. Lovely Pictures, so dark the squirrel is, our are more Brown.

  21. OMD!!! That is one WACKY tree rat!!! Holy Cow Patties!!!! I bets it's in a Punk Band!!! Yups, probably has a stud collar and everythings back at his estate.
    I loves your Moms hat! And, it looks most enchanting on you Shyla!
    Ruby ♥

  22. That squirrel is kind of crazy looking, but cute!

  23. Oh those squirrel photos made us smile. How wonderful. We have never seen a squirrel like it. Of course, all your photos are wonderful. Have a good weekend mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol)

  24. Great pictures of the squirrel! And of course the dashing Shyla ;)

  25. What a gorgeous squirrel! And gorgeous Shyla too, especially with the hat!

  26. Now, that's a cool squirrel! One that I haven't seen before.

    Enjoy your Sunday and I hope the migraines are lessening. No fun...

  27. BEAUTIFUL squirrel! I'd never seen one before; what great shots you got of him!
    LOVE Shyla. She makes me smile!


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