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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Deja Vu

For a photo group I am part of, today's direction was to take a photograph that was somehow related to "deja vu". I knew right away what photo would fit.

There's a stump atop Hug Hill that K always loved to prop her front paws on. Shyla never chooses to stand in that position, and I'm glad. Shyla is her own dog and I don't want her to be like K in every way. Shyla's choice is to jump up on top of the stump.
And then she'll charge toward me when I release her.
So, today, I asked her to prop her paws on that stump, like K used to do. It did give me a sense of "deja vu", with a very strong tinge of sadness that K has been gone for almost two years. It especially reminded me of the last few months of K's life when we'd relax atop Hug Hill on each day that she felt up to hiking there. On almost every one of those hikes, K would stand like Shyla is doing in the next photo.
Shyla's confident demeanor and her deep soulful eyes told me that she has a little bit of K's spirit in her, although Shyla is indeed her own dog.

Shyla is such a sensitive girl. She trusts very few people outside our family. But, when she decides that she likes someone, she never forgets it and greets them like a long lost friend every time she sees them.

Today, we saw a person on the trails who Shyla has met only once before but Shyla liked her right away when she met her a month ago. Today, when we saw her, it was one of the rare occasions that I had to remind Shyla not to jump on someone. People who don't know Shyla well have no idea what a huge compliment it is that she wants to jump on them! For me, it's a delicate dance because I want to encourage Shyla to like new people but I don't want her to jump...

With the glorious weather and Shyla's confidence when she met her new friend - it was another great day on the trails!
And guess who was at home, waiting for us after our ride? R, of course. He'd already gone for a run with the Runner and was happily snoozing when I awakened him for a photo. It's been too long since I've shared our handsome R with you!


  1. Shyla looks beautiful making her stump speech! Howdy handsome R!

  2. love r's blue/black sheen. :) sweet pics of shyla. glad she has a few other folks she likes and trusts. :)

  3. Almost two years? Hardly seems like it. Shyla does look so beautiful on the stump.

  4. I went back and read all of the posts I've missed but can't comment on them all. I love how confident Shyla seems to be lately and Columbine are beautiful flowers. The bear videos made me giglle :0)

  5. I love all of your pictures, but I miss it when you don't include R. Thanks!

  6. Beautiful shot showing a bit of K. Great memory for you.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  7. Love this post, KB! Both Shyla and R are beautiful pups ♥

  8. It is SO gorgeous where you live!

  9. Love these pics of Shyla!!! She is her own dog but oh she has your heart, there is no doubt about that. I am SO SMITTEN with R ..... I just want to reach otu and pet him every time you post his picture !

    Hopw you are feeling better KB - we are off next week on a beach vacation, Indy can hardly contain himself, he luvs beach time!

    Take care - ~dt~

  10. Both poses on the stump work for Shyla. Every photo is beautiful. There is just something about R's eyes. He looks like an old soul.

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  12. Shyla just has a happy, joyfulness about her - that is unique to her. Such a sweet girl!

  13. What wonderful captures of both of Shyla and R today!!

  14. What beautiful shots today, and I know that bittersweet feeling. I've consciously tried not to get a new dog that looks like the one we've lost before for that reason, and Bunny and Flattery continue to surprise me with how much like their predecessors they are in some ways. It's actually uncanny at times, but also reassuring. And I like those reminders of the past that we get from time to time.

  15. Lovely Pictures
    R has so gentle Eyes you are really melting.

  16. Your comments about Shyla echo my own. Every single time that my current manx steps in the spot that belonged to my beloved Angel Abby (also a manx) it is tinged with sadness. For what once was and will never be again. It's hard to move forward from a loss so great. Maybe one day.


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