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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Everyone has their challenges...

It's been a tough few days. A migraine hit a couple of days ago and didn't totally depart until last night. I'm now on preventative medication, and these monsters are becoming less frequent. I'm grateful for that although I tend to forget all happy thoughts when one hits.

When I'm not feeling good, this sweet girl likes to rest her chin on my stomach, watching over me. What a sweetie. I feel lucky to have her in my life.
On top of the migraine, I hurt my shoulder that was operated on in February. I believe that I did it yesterday while I was trying to carry Shyla's prized antler home (but the swelling and pain didn't hit until hours later). I know that each and every one of us has our personal challenges to overcome, and I am no different from anyone else in that regard. It just so happens that I have several things all together right now - so I thought that I'd share why I might seem less enthusiastic than usual.

The Runner has volunteered to transport the humungous antler the rest of the way home to save my shoulder and back. I know a brown furry girl who will be thrilled!
Shyla is overjoyed every time she sees her antler on one of our mountain bike rides.  Our escapades with this antler have made me even more impressed with the strength and agility of huge elk who somehow manages to carry the weight of two of these antlers and maneuver through the dense forest with a wide rack.
Although I am mostly using only one arm today, Shyla and I managed to get out together in the forest. It's the time of year that I cannot bear to miss a single day. It's like nirvana at our elevation these days. Sun, warmth, flowers, and snowy mountains to gaze at...
Some of the irises in our meadow were killed by the hard freeze the other night but some others are fine, thank goodness. They are gorgeous, though very short-lived, blooms.
Happy Saturday to all of you. I'm heading off for a rest, hoping to help my shoulder and my brain recover from the past few days.


  1. i'm hoping you feel better soon! beautiful shot of shyla in the wildflowers. :) happy antlering, shyla girl!

  2. KB rest up friend. As I sit here in Colorado, I find my self thinking of you and your pack. Goose would love to share that antler

  3. Holy smokes, look at that antler! That's some find.

  4. I am so sorry about the headaches. I was hoping you had that under control. I know how you feel about wanting to get out in the mountains everyday. It is so incredible now. Feel better.....

  5. Hi Y'all,

    Finally I could get in to comment. I'm a migraine sufferer since my early childhood and also has a sister-in-law who suffers. She has a med that works for her if she catches the headache when the flashing lights begin. The preventative med she was on was taken off the market.

    They've never found anything that truly works for me, although a combination of meds my neurologist worked out and going to bed with an ice pack seem to shorten the duration. As soon as the headache starts I try to take the meds and head into the bed.

    Acupuncture has helped to lessen the frequency. I only use a Chinese medical doctor for acupuncture.

    Dogs are so amazing at recognizing when we're ill and trying to comfort.

    Hope your migraine is gone when you read this.

    BrownDog's Human

  6. Hi KB
    We want you to feel better soon! So were going to send some magic bubbles to help you!.. They are in the sky-- in case you want to see them.
    Thank goodness Shyla loves to watch over you!! Your are her hero,, and she is yours!

  7. Hi dear friend, hoping your migraine is gone. I love your mountains, but love your Shyla more! I just bought a tiny antler and it cost a lot. Have a restful Sunday.

  8. Feel better soon! Glad the antler made it home!

  9. So sorry about the migraines and the shoulder injury.

    We buy pieces of antlers for Lucy. I cannot imagine how much one of those giants would cost at the pet store.

  10. oh dear, headaches are no fun at all and neither is shoulder pain. I have found great relief from aches and pains with arnica cream and DoTerra's Deep Blue rub, in fact i swear by them. DoTerra is not in a store, but you can get it if you want. Especially if you use these things sooner than later they are amazingly impressive.

    that is one huge antler and such lovely flowers, wow, still deep freezes.... nature is to be respected.

    so glad your sweet pup is caring with you.

  11. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  12. A massive antler, stunning iris, and the migraines, I'm so sorry they have continued. but the best TLC is Shyla right there. Do rest up, and hopefully back to riding out in that beautiful land soon. Hugs.Jean

  13. It amazes me too how the elk are even able to lift their heads with those giant antlers on!! Looks like Shyla will be having a good time with that. Will she share with R?

    Sorry you are feeling so lousy, hope you feel better soon. The luscious wild flowers are just gorgeous!

  14. Your flowers and scenery are just gorgeous KB! I am sorry that you have hurt not just your back/shoulder, but also that the migraines have returned. I used to take Max-Alt for Migraines, but I believe that they have discontinued it. I cannot remember the name of the other med, but it worked quite well. I do hope that you can find something that will help you. Shyla will, this we know!! LadyBug is still suffering. It is a very slow process. We see a teeny bit of improvement and try not to get TOO excited because it seems when we do, then we have a setback. The good news tonight is that she just asked me for food! That's the first time in three weeks! Take care and hope you feel better! Hugs, Jeanne

  15. You look so happy with your antler prize, Shyla! We are so happy that your dad will be helping you out and bringing it home for you!
    We hope you feel better soon, KB.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  16. We hope you recover VERY QUICKLY.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  17. We sure hope you are better quickly and we send you our best healing purrs.

  18. Sorry to hear about the migraine and hurt shoulder. I can understand trying to push yourself for such a big prize for your girl. I hope it makes its way home soon.


  19. Get some rest, and i hope you feel better soon!

  20. That lovely scenery and spirited dog must help lift your spirits. Enjoy every second.

  21. Love the photo of Shyla bounding through the wildflowers. I hope the preventative medicines does the trick for your migraines and you shoulder feels better soon. I've been looking at trailers to attach to bikes and saw a single tire one that is supposed to work on mountain bike trails. Probably not the solution this time but if it carrying things is something you run in to more than this time, maybe... I've had to get creative at times with figuring out how to do things that my aging body can't handle so well anymore to avoid injuries. Oh, how I hate admitting to that one.

  22. Mom says she hopes you feel better very soon. Those are terrible headaches! As for me and Stanley, we can't take our eyes off the pic of Shyla chewing that fresh antler **drooling**

    BTW, we have a Blogville friend who is in need of fast POTP over at Cowspots!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  23. Sorry abouts the migraines!!! We both know that even though we find something that helps, they are not gone completely. And when they do 'break', I am exhausted for days.
    I hope you get your shoulder better soon too!
    Okays, Ruby here, Shyla, that antler looks AMAZIN'!!! Holy Deer Poops!!!
    I have drools all down my beard now!
    That should last you a while...hehehe
    Ruby ♥

  24. Hope the headache and shoulder ache go away soon. Two places of pain is not fun.
    Glad Shayla got to keep her antler. We know she will enjoy it.

    Thanks for the picture of the iris. It is my favourite flower.

  25. Wow - I wonder how much that antler weighed? Hey - I would have tried to lug it home too despite knowing that I might regret it later. Glad the runner could help you out with it!

    Sorry about your pain. My heart hurts for you. :(

  26. We only have iris in our gardens...


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