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Monday, October 8, 2018

A Huge Gold and Red Aspen Grove

Our fall colors have been brilliant. I've been flying over my favorite areas regularly, hoping to get photos and footage at different stages of autumn colors.

About 10 days ago, our world looked amazing to me. This photo is from fairly high. You can see the Divide in the distance, a lake to the left of center. Then, to the right of the lake, you can see a smaller hill with a burned top. The burned area extends all the way to the right edge of the photo. That was a fire that caused us to be evacuated a couple of years ago... it was heading for our house.

On happier topics, you can see the western edge of a huge aspen grove in the lower half of the photo. The trails in the grove are among my favorites, especially at this time of year.

This photo is facing in the same direction but from much lower so you cannot see the lake but you can see the Divide. Look at the colors in the aspen grove!

Just a little to the left of the last photo, the aspen grove extends up a hillside. This may be my favorite view.

A red tree close to the center of the above photo caught my attention. It blazes red compared to all the other trees in the grove. I was able to find it while wandering the aspen grove by using the images taken from the air, and I took many closeups of its leaves this autumn.

As of today, that tree was still hanging onto its leaves. However, if the forecasted snow hits, I bet that they'll fall. That's the hard part of autumn to me - it's so beautiful but it ends so fast.

After noticing the red tree, I caught a glimpse of a section of the grove that was particularly vibrant ten days ago. I had lots of fun viewing it from above.

I made a short video from the air of the aspen grove that I hope that you enjoy. It attempts to capture radiant beauty of autumn in the Rockies. If you look closely, you'll see that the aspen trees were blowing in the wind. It really wasn't all that windy but it doesn't take much to set those aspen trees and leaves quaking.


  1. it is like a fest for the eyes.. and much more precious than real gold...

  2. The one lime green tree over on the right, in the midst of all the darker trees, that does show up so well, the trails at a corner, and was there one home down there? High aerial views give so much more, sky high and far away. Beautiful.

  3. We love it when you take us flying.
    Happy Crazy Love
    Thank you!!!
    ♥ Linda Astro & Mitzie.

  4. all shades of greens and gold and reds and even a hint of purple in one place and the red closeup is gorgeous. I love the shot of the only little petunia in the onion patch, the red tree among all the gold.

  5. The colors are so magnificent! I love this time of year! So far, we are having a very wet Fall -- and we do need the rain! I wonder if this is an indicator that we'll have a snowy Winter? I can think of two family members who would be thrilled.

  6. It's amazing that you could find that one red tree among your forest. I love seeing the beauty around you especially this time of year.

  7. Lovely! During my ride last Wednesday, I was able to enjoy my first taste of fall color this season. I was glad they hung on that long, because I also believe this week signals the end.

  8. Hari Om
    glorious beyond glory!!! YAM xx

  9. Absolutely stunning! There is nothing as beautiful as the leaves of autumn!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! I don't ever recall seeing red hued aspens.

  11. We love the red and orange colors. Around here, we have tons of wind and rain right now, so the leaves are dropping like crazy.

  12. You live in such a magnificent place and how lucky we all are that you love to take pictures of all of nature's wonders.

  13. We have had endless rain for the past three days, not the best option for Lightning:( But we loved seeing the glory of fall through your photos. Thanks again for sharing.

  14. The colors are simply amazing! We are getting so much rain and wind, I don't know how much foliage we're going to get to enjoy. Our front yard is covered in leaves already, and we feel like we've barely seen any color! So we'll enjoy yours. :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. Now I know how that old saying came about...thars gold in them there hills!

  16. Oh you have captured the most beautiful colors ever!! I love all the goldens!

  17. Oh, that video was FABulous! Ma went full screen and just sat back and enjoyed....
    Thanks bunches!
    Ruby ♥

  18. thanks for sharing... I had noticed the dot of red, before I got to your lone tree - first I thought it was a spot on my screen! Quite fabulous that tree is...

  19. Oh my gosh, this is breathtaking. and when I say that I mean it took my breath away. The expanse of beauty up there is beyond my imagination.


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