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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Thankful Thursday: Wonderful High Altitude Mountain Bike Trail

Near the end of our alpine trip in August, we camped close to an amazing alpine mountain bike route. When we thought about camping there, I wondered if there was any chance that I could do the ride. I had read that it involved a long and extremely steep hike-a-bike. Not only did I have my usual spine issues but I had a freshly fractured rib.

We asked some locals about how hard the hike-a-bike was, and they destroyed any wishful thinking that I'd be able to push my bike up it. Then, the Runner said that he'd "like" to push my bike up it for me... At first, I said "no", not wanting him to give up a day of running adventure to push my bike. But he insisted. So he accompanied me to where the hike-a-bike started and pushed my bike to the top of the mountain for me!

It was a very steep and long climb - there was no way that I could've pushed my bike up it myself. We finished at the top of a tall mountain, almost high enough to reach the clouds. The weather was looking a little scary... and beautiful at the same time.

I hung out briefly watching the Runner and the Labraduo run down their side of the mountain (I'd be descending in a different direction).

Then, I turned to the trail that I'd be riding. If bad weather hadn't been bearing down on me, I would've sat up high to enjoy the views for a long time! The wind was whipping across the tundra, and I was getting very chilled. Soon, I hopped aboard my bike to start the descent.

It was almost too good while I was above treeline to stop and take photos. I did stop a few times, though, when the beauty was too much for me to keep riding. This was a view shortly after I'd started descending. I was looking behind me up toward the top of the mountain. The golden tundra, the stormy sky, and the sinuous trail were a glorious combination.

A little further down, the tundra was a deep red color. With the freezing wind, this color reminded me that it really was autumn up above 12,000'.

When I looked more closely at a small patch of the ground, the colors were as vivid as wildflowers.

Alas, before I knew it, I had descended far enough that I was down in the trees. The views were over... but I did manage to find a few flowers to admire. These were some Arnica, still blooming up at high elevation!
This is Thankful Thursday, and my thanks are to the Runner for making it possible for me to ride such an incredible alpine trail. There is no chance that I could've pushed my bike up the steep and unforgiving tundra.


  1. That Runner - what a sweetie! You two are a great team. (Not to mention the Labraduo!)

    Chris from Boise

  2. What a magnificent bike ride! Bless the Runner.

  3. Hari Om
    gobsmackingly beautiful... YAM xx

  4. Such an incredible day and hooray to the Runner! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  5. You and the Runner must be the fittest people!!! The amount of vigorous exercise you get is unbelievable. Your lungs must be amazing working in such thin air. I feel like such a slug! LOL!

  6. What beautiful pictures. I'm glad the storm didn't dump any rain on your ride.

  7. Wonderful. When Beat and I were first dating and I was still living in Missoula, he came out to visit during a weekend when I was still recovering from a sprained ankle. Since I couldn't run or even really hike down hills, he offered to push my bike up Mount Sentinel, where he'd run down and I'd ride. I suggested the "short" trail to the top, which I hadn't hiked before, and it ended up being so steep that he had to carry my bike most of the way. He never complained. That's when I knew it was love. :)

    1. Actually, the Runner had to carry my bike a lot too... the rocks made it tough to roll it. I think that Beat and The Runner are similar wonderful guys! We're lucky to have them in our lives!!!

  8. blessing on the runner, you would have missed these stunning views. wow and wow again... I would be thankful if I could walk half a mile up and back down..

  9. What a fabulous gift the Runner bestowed. And such a beautiful ride. Amazing!

  10. We have to say that we really like that Runner guy you have there with you - what an awesome man he is to do that for you!!! We can't even imagine how you can ride a bike up or down with a fractured rib and a sore spine. You never cease to amaze us.

  11. How fun and I'm glad you got to go. You've a wonderful mate to help you get that bike up that mountain. Great shots too.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥

  12. What a beautiful ride...and a wonderful guy you have!

  13. The Runner pushed you up the mountain? That's it. He's a keeper

  14. What gorgeous scenery. Its so dramatic!!!!! Wow I could not to all that!

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

  15. That Runner cares so much about you! Your journeys are incredible. I cannot imagine riding a bike on that skinny path,,,,, but ohhh the view!

  16. The Runner was so sweet to do that for you, and you are so tough to be out there riding with your injuries!


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