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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Tiny the Black Bear still Rules!

Today was my favorite day of the year! I checked a camera trap, and I found that Tiny, the humongous Black Bear who rules our area, is awake and looking good!!!! Well, he's mostly awake but still yawning.
You may remember how terribly injured he was last fall. He was dragging one of his hind legs behind him. I have been told by bear biologists that bears have an almost miraculous ability to heal while in the den. That information was the only reason why I held out hope that we'd see him again.

He visits this leaning tree many times every mating season, and he is the only bear who is big enough to sniff so high up on the tree while sitting on the ground. He "shows off" this move every spring.

In contrast, here is a smaller bear who sniffed the same spot on the tree trunk. When I say "smaller", he's not a small bear. But he has to stand up tall to sniff that same spot as Tiny.

After Tiny departed the leaning tree, he headed up the trail which still has some snow on it. I saw where he laid down in the snow. I suspect that it was a slow snooze because his body heat melted so much snow.

Then, along came a moose... I cannot know exactly what happened but I do know that the moose came flying back down the trail in a panic. Tiny does rule the forest!

I have video of Tiny, the smaller bear, and the moose. If you have time, please watch and smile along with me at the miracle that Tiny is alive and looking good!


  1. We are so happy to see Tiny too and we're really glad he seems to be doing well!

  2. We are thrilled to see you in better shape than you were, Tiny! That moose was really making tracks!

  3. doing a happy dance that Tiny is back and his leg is healed. that is a wondrous to me. he can sit and sniff where the other has to stretch. he is one big beautiful bear..the smaller bear looks like a human standing there. could be bigfeet. I hear hammering or shots in the part where the smaller bear is.

    1. Yes, someone was target shooting within a mile of there. I hate that sound but it will be banned next year and hopefully forever thereafter.

  4. It's great to see that Tiny is back. How amazing to see that his leg has healed over the winter.

  5. Cool video. I don't get to see anything like that around here. Will a bear hurt a moose?

  6. Tiny WTG 3 cheers from NC at your recovery and spring walk about.
    My goodness you are a beautiful bear. Loved seeing you scratch your back and 'remind' the tree and all who pass that you are the boss. LOL that was one galloping Moose. The smaller bear was stretching and sniffing and then ut oh I small a Tiny Giant.
    Hugs to you 5. Going to visit the last lighthouse on our Coast that we have not climbed. Looks like a pretty day for a ferry ride on Monday


  7. Wonderful spring greeting from Tiny, and he is looking so well, the hibernation healing has gone as you hoped.

  8. Wonderful to see your old friend back....hale and healthy!

  9. Knowing Tiny slept in his den and recovered, makes us soo happy!
    Beautiful video, and amazing how upright they can stand up,,, like humans!

  10. We are happy that Tiny is back and healed.
    Hope he can forage and thrive another summer.

    ♥ Astro and Mitzie

  11. That is just so exciting to hear. Yay for Tiny. Let's hope he has a very healthy season ahead of him.

  12. Such great news! Hooray for Tiny!

  13. That's great news from the forest! Thanks for sharing.

  14. How wonderful to see! Nature can be so amazing with its resiliency, I don't think we give animals enough credit for healing themselves. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. Hooray for Tiny! We're so glad he recovered.


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