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Friday, March 13, 2015

Life Energy

We each have a certain amount of energy for life. For me, my energy is limited by spine pain and migraines. I know that I will pay a price, in terms of pain and fatigue, if I spend too much life energy all at once.
There was a time, before my spine went to hell and the migraine curse hit me, when I could recklessly spend life energy without thinking about it - without weighing whether an activity was worth my energy. That's how Shyla is now - and I think that's why I love watching her play. She plays at each instant as if her life energy is limitless.
(As an aside - Shyla is wearing a bandana that was our yellow Lab S's, until his death in 2009.)

In some ways, realizing my limitations has been a good thing. I consciously decide whether something is worth an expenditure of energy. For example, every summer, I choose to hike into the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains, even though I know that the price will be steep and long-lasting because my spine does not tolerate long hikes without painful repercussions. However, I've decided that it's worth it to me.
But, today, when confronted with the most horrible trail conditions I've ever seen here, I decided to conserve my energy for another time. Trying to ride my bike any distance today was likely to exact an exorbitant price.

Instead, I tried to ride a little bit today, and then I took photos of my riding partner. We'd found a wild turkey feather that she was enamored with.
I loved how the colors of the feather complemented Shyla's chocolate fur. And, yes, it was snowing again here.
I'm sure that everyone makes these "life energy" decisions. However, each decision is not necessarily a conscious decision if you feel good most of the time. For me, dealing with migraines on top of my spine pain has changed my calculations drastically. Now, I am even more stringent in my choices of how to spend my energy. I don't really know what causes my migraines, although my docs have started to think that the migraines are related to my cervical spine issues.

I wish that I didn't have to make such choices but I do. It's best to accept it and see the silver lining. The fact that I need to carefully choose how to spend my energy makes me live my life more mindfully.
One thing I choose to do every day is to get out into nature with our dogs.
It's worth every iota of energy for the happiness it brings me, not to mention the pain-relief that pedaling brings to my spine, when the trail conditions are reasonable.

Happy Friday!


  1. love the feather shots! so cute!

  2. Shyla looks SO fit!!



  3. Shyla is so cute with that feather sticking out of her mouth!

    I'm sorry about your pain and migraines. :( Hopefully the trails will be better tomorrow!

  4. I completely understand. Oh that shoot of Shyla with the feather. MOM and I LOVE it. As you know MOM took me to a favorite spot today. I hear I have you to thank. THANK YOU!! It was the best and made my heart sing, MOM's too.

  5. I do love Shyla's fascination with the feather. She's a bird dog for certain.

    I love your outlook on life. We do have to weigh the things we do and try to get optimum value for all our endeavors. So much better than sitting around in the rocking chair.

  6. I hopped back to your 2009 link, this is before I had my blog, and I read with tears. We love, we lose, we grieve, but our dogs and cats are so much a huge, maybe the biggest part of our lives, they know heaps more than we realise, and looking at Shyla, S's bandana, a feather, and you on your Fat Bike, shows me the companionship that is beyond what we ever imagined it would be.Hugs, with all hopes that those migraines one day will vanish.

  7. How we love that shot of Shyla with the feather:)

    Here 's hoping you can have a weekend where you don't have to make too many of those life energy decisions and can enjoy a lot of time out on the trails with the pups.

  8. I love this post! Thank you!!! I have learned from you, and now I have better ideas on how to life my life. Thank you!

  9. We live our life the same way you do KB. Moms and me are careful about what we do,,,Its important,,, so we can have more fun things to see everyday,,,, than to hurt..
    The photo of Shyla is beautiful!!!
    And we are also thinking this,,
    the energy Shyla has for life,, is how you used to be... that is why your soul connects with hers,,
    that is what we think.

  10. I agree, those feather pictures are priceless! Good luck with the pain, my heart goes out to you. But I'm glad you have so much beauty in your life.

  11. What a great post... it made my day... and I've got some energy to carry on... it's my migraine-day today :o)
    Easy is a fan of feathers too... can you throw him yours over the big pond Shyla?
    easy rider

  12. What a pretty feather you have, Shyla. Mitch would love to have one like yours!

  13. I read another blog written by someone with Lupus who explained these choices as only having so many spoons and that it's now her code phrase to people she has to say no to that all the spoons have been used up for the day. I think that just making the choices uses up one spoon in itself. It can't be easy. Which is why I'm so glad that one thing you choose to do is share your beautiful photos and thoughts on your blog.

  14. How beautiful! Well done to live fully and mindfully. Your thoughts and photos inspire me to live better too.

  15. It is so hard when our bodies don't want to cooperate with our minds. Al's dad was the classic example. His mind was sharp and he wanted to do! But his body was in no shape for that.

  16. Aging will force one to think about this as well. Love the photo of Shyla and the feather.

    Your pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. Somehow our pups always bring joy and laughter to us each day! Love all the pics of Shyla; she has filled your lives and hearts with love. I'm glad you pace yourself so that you don't have a set back. Being outside though in the sunshine always makes me feel so much better. Hoping your Dr.'s can figure out the cause of your migraines(you eluded to it here)and get you some relief. Cherish each moment as you do.
    Hugs, Noreen

  18. We must all be wise about the life force, but with chronic pain, your choices are even more important. Love the bright splash of color that bandana gives to the photos. Our temps are rising drastically. It's that time of the year when the back trails are unstable and unfit for skis and snowshoes. I've started walking the dirt road (still snow covered) for exercise. Winter will return here at altitude, but for now we have a bit of spring.

  19. Those are some inspiring thoughts. We think we would agree...
    Lily & Edward

  20. It's hard when are dealing iwth afflictions that can prevent us from doing what we love. I'm so glad you have the furry ones to help get you through it.


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