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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Moose, moose, moose!

The past few days have brought winter back. It's been cloudy, colder, and snowing at times.
We've had a moose pair hanging out nearby. I've been seeing them a couple of times per day. I feel pretty sure that the mother moose must recognize me by now.
I can't believe that they can survive on what I observe them eating. Douglas fir branches? They can't be very tasty.
They seem to eat for a while and then lie in the snow. I've never seen them lie on bare ground (there are some snowless areas now!). I think that they must like the coolness of the snow.

Here was mom, chewing as she lay in the snow.
Here was Junior, lying near his mom one morning.
I also see them in the evenings. I imagine mom thinking, "You again?". They've been smack in the middle of one of the only packed and easily traversed trails so it's been hard to avoid them.
 And, after spotting me the other evening, she turned around and did this!
I think that maybe it was a message! Actually, I believe that the pair moved on this morning. Although I've enjoyed watching them, I'll also enjoy a break from worrying about them!

I'm starting to know how to read the mother's body language better now. The pair was in a big open area where I could watch from far away for a couple of days. I could see how the mother's posture changed when she got nervous about me, and then I could discern when she relaxed again. Knowing more about their body language and how I can prevent them from getting nervous will help me in the future, assuming that I don't accidentally ride near one without seeing her ahead of time.

With all the clouds, we've had a few nice sunsets. One was absolutely spectacular but I couldn't find any way to go around the moose pair to photograph it from a high point. Another was also pretty, and the moose pair had kindly vacated my favorite spot so I could photograph it. It was foggy and cloudy, creating a muted but colorful sunset.
Life has become quite exhausting all of a sudden. I've had a string of small health setbacks, and they've left me tired. I'm going to take it easy over the coming week so my posts may be short and sporadic. Thanks in advance for your patience!


  1. Reading the body language is very important. Beautiful sunset.

  2. That picture of Shyla is so cute! She looks so mischievous!!!

    The moose are neat! I'm glad you're getting more used to them and figuring out their body language!

  3. hope the moose duo has moved out of your immediate area!

  4. Hmmm - I think she definitely might have been telling you to "p-ss" off! Feel better soon - rest and relax a bit.

  5. That is so cool that you can get so close to the Moose. I don't know what they are eating but it sure comes out gross.

  6. They are soooo cool!! Butts dangerous, I know. I am glad you are learning to read the body language, that will surely help I'm sure. Ma has learned to read mine too...give me a treatie, let's go for a walkie, give me a treatie, are you insane woman?, give me a treatie....rinse and repeat...
    Anyhu, I sure hopes you are feeling better. Ma just got out of a bad migraine cycle, and this leaves her foggy and tired and it takes a while to become clear headed again. I hope you feel better real soon...sendin' lots of AireZens! look like you are up to something...just sayin' ☺
    Ruby ♥

  7. Such great photos with momma and her baby.
    i am so anxious to get up and see how my moose have handled our winter. I am sorry you are hurting. relaxing will hopefully help.

  8. I hope you start feeling better soon, and that the moose have left for a while or are at least non-belligerent. They make me nervous for you.

  9. We're glad the mother seems to recognise you and knows you aren't going to harm her baby or herself. No charging...

  10. A peepee message? How rude! Stunning sunset, KB!

  11. What a lovely sunset :) Shyla looks very cute resting on the rock :) Milo & Jet

  12. KB, your photos and insights would make a wonderful book. I pinned the juvenile moose's picture - I think by now I could create a Pinterest board called "KB Bear's Photos". You have an amazing talent. You will be in my thoughts, wishing you wellness.

  13. Beautiful shots. At least that momma won't be having a new baby this year. Take care of you, and get well.

  14. Take the time that you need, we all understand that in our own lives, beautiful picture's....stella rose and momma

  15. So very beautiful!!

    Take care of yourself!!

  16. Thanks for sharing your moose. We hope you feel better soon.

  17. Dear KB...
    We wish you well our friend!
    Your photos are spectacular,,
    and oh my gosh,,, the sunset-- its tooo beautiful.
    thank you for sharing all of these with us.

  18. It's like a wild animal park in your backyard
    Lily & Edward

  19. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that sunset image!


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