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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Where does the Wildife Go?

It's early March, and like most years, I am pining for the wildlife to return to our area. I don't truly know where they all go at this time of year. My best guess is that they go a bit lower where the snow has melted out in exposed areas.

Only a few large mammal species are apparent. The deer disappeared for February but they seem to be back now.
I see moose tracks and occasionally see a moose or two.
And our trusty bobcat passes the house regularly. I wonder if he has any idea how much his photos make me smile!
I am anxiously waiting for our snowpack to shrink so that the wildlife who are avoiding this area can return. I know that the wildlife activity will skyrocket in the next 4-6 weeks, and I am looking forward to it. I love following their secret lives with my trail cameras.

In the meantime, Shyla and I are keeping our eyes peeled for any signs of wildlife.
And, we're trying to help R take it easy until walking/running on the snow becomes less treacherous. Our trails are presently extremely tricky. They have slippery slush on the top of the snowpack.  Moreover, deep snow seems to melt from the ground up, making us suddenly fall through the snow with no warning. It's not good for the joints, to put it mildly. And there are no sidewalks around here to use for walks/runs. So, R is taking it easy.
I've been a little down, with the "great melt" underway, limiting what we can do outdoors and making my favorite hobby of photographing wildlife almost impossible. The ironic part is that there will probably be multiple "big melts" because spring is when we get our biggest snowstorms. Like Shyla, I sometimes want to cover my eyes until the melting is finished!
But then I feel ashamed of myself for such a dour outlook. Just the other day, I had to spend hours at the department of motor vehicles office. One worker in that stuffy and noisy little room had the most mundane job, doing the same thing over and over again, all day long. Yet, as I watched her, she smiled genuinely at each person who came to her station and often laughed along with them. I thought that she was an an amazing example of how your outlook can change your life experience. She certainly had a great outlook despite a boring, and perhaps sometimes unpleasant, job.

On that note, here's my contented girl, looking as happy as a dog can be. Despite the tricky snow, I still love seeing sunrise with my Shyla. If I can do that, I have "one good thing" in each day.


  1. Wild life, I would so love to have them down here, Shyla, shut-eye is good for you anytime, and one good thing, I, too, have been trying to find one, each day.Today, maybe 2 of them, sunshine and dry laundry.

  2. Another life changed by a trip to DMV . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. I hope the melting hurries up and Spring comes for you soon!

  4. This year is barreling along fast enough for me... wishing it would all slow down!

  5. And were happy you have your girl who is constantly watching you,, just waiting for that moment when you say,, ok,, lets go.
    The animals will all come when you least expect it KB!

  6. Wildlife has to have secrets.....for safety.

  7. You are always such a positive person, KB. It's one of the things that we love about you!

  8. Hari OM
    Seeing the fullness of another's acceptance and contentment...and then taking it as a lesson itself an acceptance which leads to contentment... Your photogenic duo are surely heart-lifters! YAM xx

  9. Those photos are terrific and we're glad R is taking it a bit easy.

  10. We just love that you get to experience all the wildlife
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. I learned the most fascinating thing last year. The dear that are in the Jackson area, migrate 150 miles twice a year. The go to lower elevation for the winter, then back again. Who knew?

  12. I've taken to counting the little blessings each night when I go to bed. It starts sometimes with, we had a good walk, the coffee was tasty this morning, once I focus on that, it is so much better!

  13. What an adorable shot of Shyla playing "peek a boo"! Here's hoping your wildlife returns soon!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  14. so many wonderful photos.
    wishing you a melt that turns out good for you.


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