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Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter Travel by Wildlife in the Forest

As you've been seeing in most of my photos, travel on anything but the packed paths in our snowy forest is tough.
There's more snow predicted for the next couple of days so it doesn't promise to get easier soon!
A domestic dog like Shyla has energy to burn. She has all the food she needs provided by us so there's no point in her conserving energy even though running on the packed paths is much easier for her.
At this time of year, many of our wildlife use the packed paths too. Except on our land, I don't put trail cameras on paths that people use - so that means that I don't have cameras on the paths that the wildlife are using. Yet, every morning, I see the tracks of the many animals that have been walking on the packed paths throughout the forest.

On our land, the most frequent visitors have been bobcats this year. I'm not sure if it's one bobcat who comes through regularly or if it's multiple cats. Here was one near the beginning of the year.
I got another photo just a few hours later in almost exactly the same pose.
One morning recently, we watched a bobcat hunting first a rabbit and then birds just outside our windows. It all happened too fast for me to get out a hand-held camera but my trail camera captured his photo as he departed our clearing. He was definitely using our packed paths as much as he could.
In the trail camera world, this time of year brings less plentiful photos (I can't even visit some of my cameras because the snow is too deep to walk or ride to them). However, it sure is fun to see wildlife using the paths on our land.
I'm glad that the bobcats like visiting so much!


  1. You live in the middle of a National Geographic episode! We bet Shyla takes a nap when she gets home!

    Your Pals,


  2. awesome bobcat shots! looks healthy and furry!

  3. Beautiful bobcats!!!

    We bet Shyla sleeps well at night:)

  4. I think sometimes that dogs like to dive into deep snow just because it's fun. The girls liked to do that when we lived with our inlaw's in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

    That bobcat is beautiful! I always love looking at the photos from your wildlife cam!

  5. That's a beautiful picture of Shyla running on the trail-I love how she is crisp and sharp and the background sort of fades away. Beautiful! And of course the cute Bobcats make me smile :)

  6. What a treat to see the face of the bobcat up so close! Enjoy the snow! Stay warm and safe

  7. Great shots - love the black markings on the bobcat.

  8. Love seeing the bobcat!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  9. OMD, those are SO BEAUTIFULS!!! And the Bobcats are FABulous too! ☺
    We are gettin' lots of both the Bobcats and the Mountain Lions comin' into the neighborhoods lately, though I'm sure it's gonna get LOTS worse this summer when the drought really starts to affect them.
    I loves to see such clear pics!
    Ruby ♥

  10. What a treat! I've not seen any wild cats on our property yet, but a neighbor spotted what they thought was a mountain lion on our fence one night. What I would have given to get a shot as good as what you get on a regular basis!

    Can't remember if I already mentioned it, but I love the new header photo!

    And I've been meaning to tell you thank you for quite a while now for the link to the snowy Wave. That was incredible, and I would have missed it if not for you!

  11. We're just thinking of the surprises you may get when you eventually get to your cameras.

  12. We know the energy that takes to move through the deep snow, Shyla, and we know you're loving every minute of it!

  13. What pawesome Bobcat photo's :) Shyla looks like your having a great time racing threw the snow. Milo & Jet

  14. Cute little bobcats, If I had legs that short I would use a path too. They are smart, no doubt.

  15. When I see Shyla with a snowy toy in her mouth, it makes my teeth hurt! Brrr!!!

  16. Go Shyla go! We love the cat photos, so amazing!

  17. We have bobcats here also, dad seen baby ones one day when he was walking in the woods.
    stella rose

  18. We have deep snow here too, which makes trail walking difficult. I'm pretty sure the dogs are tired of walking the neighborhood but it is what it is right now.

  19. Love seeing the Bobcats up close; you get such good photos. Shyla looks like she is having the time of her life-wonder if she naps all afternoon. Hope you are having a good day and not dealing with pain & headaches. We had snow this morning, but imagine it is much heavier at your house.

  20. Whoa! You go Shyla. That is some deep snow. Any foxes around or wolves?
    Lily & Edward

  21. We love bobcats too, and we have them everywhere,, but we have never gotten a photo of one!! Beautiful!


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