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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Beauty of the Desert

I love the darkness of the desert at night, with zillions of stars twinkling overhead. Gazing into the desert sky is another way that the desert makes me feel small - it puts me in my place.

Since we arrived in the evening, I set up a tripod almost right away and pointed it toward the North Star. There wasn't time for creativity - just a simple time lapse series of the stars spinning around Polaris. The series comprised about two and a half hours. No planes went overhead during that time and one shooting star appeared - a small one to the left of the North Star.
We slept while my camera took tons of sky photos, and we were up fairly early the next morning to explore the canyon.

First the view from above. It's easy to climb up the slickrock that comprises the canyon walls and peek over the edge at the canyon. My bike stayed back from the edge.
I tip toed to the edge, and peeked at the canyon. You can barely see the narrow dirt road that runs along the canyon floor. That's where Shyla and I rode.
We were both overjoyed to be in a new environment that was warm and sunny.
Shyla explored the sides of the canyon, climbing among the rocks.
We passed the most well known part of the canyon, a huge wall adorned with pictographs, drawn by ancient people.
It's hard to get a sense of scale from the photo above, except if you look at the fence that is near the bottom of the wall. In fact, there's even a person just to the left of center looking at the pictographs. He is tiny compared to the wall (and almost impossible to pick out).

Here, I zoomed in on him. You can also see the red pictographs that are life-sized depictions of people.
It was a wonderful first day in the desert with the promise of many more canyons to explore!


  1. Those canyons are so neat! I love your star photo!

  2. Wow..beautiful photos as always. I've been away from visiting for a bit (health issues), but trying to catch up with Blogger friends! Love the post - I get to be an armchair traveler!

  3. In the picture of Shyla jumping down, her body looks so much like Hailey's so I am picturing her much smaller than she is! (Hailey is only about 35 lbs).

  4. Yes thanks for taking us on the trip, so different from where you live!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    Pee es
    I hope you will check out our post this last friday, a Greta memory you might enjoy

  5. We love red rock! Great photos. We will tell mom to try one of those star photos! Although we took those photos at Bryce (dogs allowed on rim trail only), the ones we have of us hiking on REAL trails are taken at Red Rock Canyon, just outside of Bryce. And doggies are allowed on every trail!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Oh Shyla what a beautiful place to romp around
    Lily & Edward

  7. We love those stars to and that beautiful star Shyla!

  8. I love that place. Those pictographs just suck me in every single time.

  9. Since it is unlikely we will ever get to visit the desert and these beautiful canyons, it is so nice to be able to "visit" them through your wonderful photos.

  10. I always feel so thrilled and stand in awe near places where ancient people stood and placed their art. So happy you all enjoyed the warmth and beauty. And shared it with us.

  11. Thanks for taking us along on your latest adventure.

  12. We cannot even imagine seeing such a beautiful world- as beautiful as your photos.
    The stillness, and beauty your portray so beautifully. We feel like we were right there as you hurried to set up your tri pod,, and face it to the North Star, and begin to capture the magic of the stars.
    Thank you KB. for sharing.

  13. Gorgeous. Glad you had the person and the fence to get the scale. Breath-taking.

  14. What a fun get-away for all of you and soooooooooo beautiful!

  15. Oh your 1st picture is just awe-inspiring KB! I'd love to try to make one of these someday. When you said you went to sleep and woke up, that tells me it takes quite a while to put all those photos together.
    I just realized how slim Shyla is. Sophie gained weight over the winter because of 9 storms preventing us from taking our normal walks trails. The sun is shining today and so we are off to discover something new.
    Those canyon walls are mammoth size!

    Cheers as always!
    Ron and Sophie(staring at me ~ time to go!)

  16. Lucky you! These photos make me long for a desert getaway! Still entertaining grandchildren at my house though...

  17. I just adore your star photos...I've been teaching my class about how the planet moves and show the boys some of your star shots...they LOVED them!


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