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Monday, March 9, 2015

The Bad and the Good

There are days, when I repeatedly ask myself how we came to this point. We try so hard to keep our dogs healthy yet things go awry.
This black dog, our beloved R, is limping like crazy today, just after our "big" decision not to do the elbow reconstructive surgery immediately. It was scheduled for tomorrow but we gave up the time slot.

Our decision-making was difficult because there are only two surgeons in Colorado who have ever done this surgery. They've done five of them, all as a team of two. The two of them were going to collaborate tomorrow, to do R's elbow. It was the last possible date that they could work together on it because one of them is moving far away.

Today, I've watched R limp around, and I keep wondering if we made the best choice. Only time will tell. We'll give him Rimadyl and hope for the best.

My vet said some wise words, a long time ago when we were struggling with another big veterinary decision. She said that "any decision that is made with love in your heart and the best interests of your dog at the forefront is, by definition, the best decision".

I always remind myself of those words, but they haven't stopped my head from pounding today (a migraine), perhaps due to angst over R's limp.

My friend, Barb, has a motto about finding the "one good thing" in your day and focusing on it. When I stopped to think about it, I actually have three.

First, I saw the sunrise with my Shyla, and she glowed red in the rising sun rays like I love to see.
Second, I saw a mountain bluebird in a nearby meadow for the first time this spring. He flitted away after one quick photo so I didn't get a super good one. But I was thrilled to see this sign of spring.
Third, beautiful tulips are blooming in our kitchen.
Three good things! I'm going to try to smile!


  1. I'm so sorry about R's elbow. I hope the meds kick in and he feels better soon. Shyla looks so pretty in the morning sunlight. We were out at dawn this morning, too. I actually left the camera at home today and decided to just take it all in and just focus on me and the girls this morning. I actually really regret that decision but tomorrow is a new day.

    I love your vet's advice and thank you for posting it. I needed to "hear" something like that today.

    I hope you feel better soon! ~hugs~

  2. Thanks for sharing those inspirational words from your vet. It is so hard to make those big decisions about our dog's health. We have let the vet wishing our dogs could talk.

  3. hoping R can recover a bit again! bless him.

  4. Hey THREE good things isn't bad. It is such a difficult decision when you have to watch your boy limping....

  5. Hopefully it was just an "off" day for R. We don't think there is anyone who puts more heart and thought into every decision you make for your pups. Let's all hope for better days to come for R.

  6. Oh, tough timing on that one! When I look back, sometimes I have to remind myself that I made the best decision with the information I had at that moment, whether I remember it or not. And I agree with your vet's comment as well. I hope the medication makes R feel better right away.
    And I love the bluebird picture especially. Beautiful!

  7. Yes when decision are made out of love then it is not wrong. Butt it can be hard. And it is a beautiful heart that can see good in the midst of difficult times.

  8. Maybe R just overdid it a bit over the weekend. Give him a couple of days off (and some Rymadyl) and I bet he'll be good to go.

  9. Paws and fingers crossed here that
    R's limp is temporary. You have a very wise vet.

  10. I know these decisions can be so difficult! I agree ith your vet. Let the live guide you.

  11. Your friend and vet are both very wise. I am hoping R's elbow is better tomorrow. Lovely photos.

  12. I sure hope the limp gets better so he can enjoy the summer. What a hard decision to have to have made, and the timing of the limp is an absolute bummer.

  13. We too hope that the meds will help R to feel better.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  14. I remember going through this exact decision making process with Juno because the primary care vet was certain she'd need surgery. The surgeon and holistic vet collaborated and helped me to choose PT, osteopath and gold bead implants over surgery. I agree about that heart decision thing. So try not to fret. Maybe R was just havin a one off bad day...

  15. We hope the meds make you feel less achy, R!

  16. A decision of that magnitude is always filled with angst, second guessing, and doubts. R lives a life surrounded by those who love him, so it is a wonderful life to him. I hope his pain diminishes quickly.

  17. So hard to make decisions like that. Roxy goes through bouts with her back. It's really bad, I give full doses of rimadyl instead of half, then after a week or so she is back to normal. She gets a half dose of rimadyl every morning, and that keeps her feeling good.

  18. We hate that R is having trouble but we know you will always might thte right decision.

  19. I am constantly second-guessing myself when it comes to these sort of decisions regarding my dogs. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut. I hope R's limp is just a temporary blip.

  20. Ugh - isn't that always how it is? Although I think you made a good decision (your vet had very wise words indeed) - doubts are inevitable. Especially when the limping begins. Who is to say the surgery would have been the way to go? Maybe that would have gone badly. At least you can keep him comfortable until this latest flare up calms down. I am not completely sold on surgery for dogs or people as a good option. I work with a lot of people that have had various surgeries for their back, neck, shoulders, knees, and/or hands and for so many of them, it does little to improve their quality of life. About the only benefit I can see in those surgeries is that they feel so sore after the surgery, that the normal pain, when it returns, doesn't seem so bad after all! ;)

    Hang in there, praying for your latest migraine to make a hasty retreat and R's elbow pain goes away soon.

  21. These medical decisions for our pets are so hard, as I well know. We wish they could speak and help us know what to do. I think second-guessing is second-nature. I hope R starts to feel better and I'm glad you are finding time to reflect with Shyla. This extra evening light has done wonders for my outlook!

  22. I'm hated having to make the determination for Sampson's ACL surgery, it was probably one of the hardest and most second-guessed decision of my life.

    I hope the Rimadyl helps.

  23. Oh noes!!! Poor R! Well, nothing is gonna make us peeps worry any less, huh? Was it the right decision? Yes. You can't go back, so look forward. Regroup and have a margarita...☺
    Okays, so maybe that last one is just MOI, butts Ma says that your gut is usually right. Trust it. Oh, and have a margarita...BOL!!!
    Ma says she TOTALLY sympathizes with your pounding head!!! Sunday was a bad day..bad. Then yesterday and today, good. You just have to hope that there are more good days than bad...
    Ruby ♥
    pees: sendin' lots of POTP!!!

  24. R,,, we hope you get to feeling better. It makes us sad to know your hurting.
    Everyone wants you to feel better!

  25. Hi KB - oh no....poor R - I agree, any decision made with love in your heart must be the right one. Praying that the meds help him out of any pain. Sending healing thoughts to you all today :):)

    Diane and Indy Bones

  26. Such a hard decision! We are catching up today so we hope he has improved!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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