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Friday, February 16, 2018

Meeting Evil - Again

We recently ran into the evil woman who hit Shyla last year on the trails. I've feared that she would hit Shyla again given her proclivity for hitting dogs, despite the negative consequences the first time.

Alas, there was no need for me to worry. Shyla crawled away and hid behind a tree before most people would even notice that I had a dog with me. She remembered the woman far better than I did. It took me a few moments to recollect who she was. I think that I have subconsciously wiped her face out of my memory bank.

Hiding behind trees or boulders is a classic Shyla move. She used to do it at least once on every outing when she was scared. Now, it's far less frequent because so many of my neighbors have made big efforts to help with Shyla's fears.

She never looks this upbeat when she's behind a tree due to fear. In this case, she's behind a tree as part of a game with me.

When we saw the evil person the other day, I could barely speak because the rage bubbled up in me so fast. I was not surprised by how angry I felt inside. The place where the "hit" occurred is one of my favorite places on earth, Hug Hill. Since being hit there, Shyla never fully relaxes when we visit that spot. That hurts my heart.

After that unpleasant encounter, I wanted to cheer up Shyla so we played some treat games. Those games make us both smile! This one was a successful snarf.

This one was not, as I'm sure that you can tell by Shyla's eyes.
So, we ended our bike ride with smiles. Sometimes, that's all that I can ask for.


  1. Hari OM
    i think I would have ducked behind a tree as well! Good work for the recovery. YAM xx

  2. Your so pretty sweet Shyla and we just hate that evil lady is still out n' about.

  3. Uhg, sorry that put a damper on your day - but glad you both recovered :) Shyla sure looks cute peeking out from behind that tree!

  4. Stoopid so n so woman! grrrrrrrrrrrr Your treat game is making us smile, pretty Shyla!

  5. as we see on the news daily our world is full of evil. i am just sorry for you and Shyla that some of it travels you life path.. love these expressions today

  6. That just shows what an impact we humans have on our dogs. Thankfully Shyla has so many more wonderful experiences with you and the Runner that far outweigh the damage from that evil woman. Love seeing her have fun with you.

  7. How sad one person can ruin things so much. Great idea having some fun anyway.

  8. Don't think we could be civil to the woman either. Glad you have ways of cheering Shyla up.

  9. Oh my word in heaven...I just came from your post link. I'm stunned and so very very sorry for yours and for Shyla's horrible encounter last year on Hug Hill of all places. To have the sub human trespassing again now you have to be on look out again. Shyla obviously will not forget that.
    Hugs and kitty kisses to you both.
    Madi and mom

  10. Does that intruder trespass often? I'm afraid I would let my rage bubble up and be more than very vocal. Glad you provided Shyla with a fun rewarding treat game. That's a much better association than the old encounter. Happy weekend.

    1. Yes, I've talked with all the neighbors, and the trespassing is frequent. The problem is catching her in the act. The properties that she's using for access now will be much more closely monitored in the future. My rage almost exploded but I always have to remember how much it would damage Shyla if I let it explode.

  11. You were very self controlled KB with that woman-I wouldn't have been. So glad Shyla recognized her before she could get close. We don't want you hurting your knee trying to get between that woman and your pup. Glad you had a good ride.
    It's beautiful out today. I sure love seeing your girl.

  12. So sorry that that woman has showed up again, after all the warnings and permissions denied her. I hope you got the local sheriff involved. Fortunate that Shyla recognized her and made herself scarce - in this instance a very good coping mechanism.

    Finishing off with a good game (especially involving yummy treats!) is a good way to break a bad spell. Well done!

    Chris from Boise

  13. Love those photos! Some people think they are entitled to do whatever they want to do and have no conscience when there are consequences.

  14. I'm so glad you were able to end that ride on a happier note; it can't have been easy to put your rage aside for Shyla's sake, but I know you would always do what's best for her, no matter how tough it is. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. Gosh, were so sorry that the evil woman was on that trail! Why cant she find someplace else to go! You have trained Shyla so well... and she trusts you,, and you were able to make Shylas fear disappear, with your game of happy tricks,.,, We see it in Shylas face.

  16. I think I would've hit HER this time. Grrr. Just show us where she lives, we'll bite her!


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