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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Bear Sow and her Cubs!

'Tis the season when mama bears and their cubs are out of their dens and starting to explore their world.

The bear sows who gave birth over the winter tend to come out of their dens in late May. I know that from the den where I have trail cameras posted. So, it is not too surprising that this cub was feeling a bit overwhelmed on June 3 - he may have been in his first week out of his birth den. It almost looked like he wanted his mom to carry him.

By June 12, mom and the cubs looked more relaxed. After a bath, mom even marked a tree, which surprised me. Sows with new cubs usually try to stay under the radar for a while.

The cubs didn't bathe. They looked a little confused by the water. But, they did climb trees!
This mother is certainly one who we observed last summer. This must be the heart of her territory if she's even marking trees. However, I am having a hard time identifying her. As she gets thinner until bear food becomes more available in July, I hope that I'll recognize her from last year.

I have a video of the family which I hope that you enjoy!


  1. oh baby bear.... that is so wonderful and like a miracle to see them... and I hope they will be always with us...

  2. Hari OM
    Okay - having a squee moment over here... YAM xx

  3. in most videos i like the cubs best but in this one, my heart chose that beautiful mama bear. i loved watching her enjoy her bubble bath, the green algae being the bubbles that stuck to her fur. she looks so happy in that water.. the cubs are adorable....

  4. We love seeing the mama with her babies. Those two little ones sure were having a fun time playing.

  5. Awww,the babies are so cute! I wouldn't want to meet mom though. It's interesting to see the cubs have different colored fur. Is that common?

    1. It has been true in almost every litter of cubs that I've seen via trail cam. Very often, the cubs have different fathers - which is probably why they are different colors.

  6. The cubs are so fuzzy and adorable. What a sweet video!

  7. I loved the video. I was waiting for the babies to take a bath. I should have known better. So precious.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  8. You are an excellent videographer...such sweet fuzzy bears
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. That first bath after a long and busy winter must be the best. They are so cute and having fun together, trees must be something so new. Love the Mum washing her face.

  10. What fun footage...I could watch bear cubs playing all day! Thanks so much for all you share!!!

  11. Just love watching the wildlife relaxed in their own environment.

  12. The cubs are so cute, and Mom seems pretty relaxed!!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  13. It's so interesting to watch all the wonderful things your cameras capture.

  14. Such an adorable family. Those little ones are just too cute!

  15. The darker of the cubs seems much smaller than the other sibling. Still very cute. Love that Mom got a Calgon moment in the watering hole. Just proves that moms everywhere need a quiet moment in the tub away from the kids!


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