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Monday, June 3, 2019

The Hachi Chronicle - Young and Goofy!

I adore the photos of Hachi from the desert. He was so happy-go-lucky in the solitude of the desert and looked like a classic goofy puppy as he romped.

Here at home, he's maturing at warp speed. It feels as if he grows between morning and night.

Plus, his intensity about life has ratcheted up, which is not necessarily a good thing for a fearful and reactive dog. We've had a couple of instances of resource guarding against R this week, which upset me a lot. I wish that he would mature into a peaceable dog. That may still happen - we hope.

This coming week, we are taking him to a behavioral vet for an evaluation - not because we have any kind of crisis - but rather because we want to get as much professional guidance as possible while he's still young and malleable. It may even be helpful to get him on meds to reduce his stress level... so that he can learn that the world is not as worrisome as it might seem.
We love this boy - but we do wish that life were less stressful for him. Then, his goofy inner self could shine through all the time!


  1. we hope life becomes fabulous for him... he is amazing and he makes the bestest funny faces ;O)

  2. Hari OM
    I have no doubt at all that if Hachi has a chance of a simple and easy life, it is with you and his fur-sibs! YAM xx

  3. I am glad you are seeking more advice on what to do, we did nothing and Jake died just like he was young, just like you are describing Hachi. After Baby died, she was the only dog he could get along with, we could not have more dogs... I pray that Hachi will get better with your help and training experience

  4. I know you will figure it out and help that fun guy to understand!

  5. I know you'll do whatever it takes to make him a happy and less stress pup. It's a good thing.

    I love, love, love your action shots.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  6. Golly Gee are a pup of many funny adorable faces.
    I commend and applaud your peeps for being proactive on the behavior vet visit. It could just be one itty bitty thing that needs changing/adjusting. But no matter it will be solved!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. He's such a cutie pie. Hope your behaviorist has some solutions to he can fully enjoy life around him.

  8. It's best to get to the root of the issues early. Seeing a behaviorist is a good idea. He sure is cute!

  9. I follow a blog where the Hu-Dad (human dad!) feeds each of their 5 Siberian huskies in their own crate!
    he says that way the older slower eaters can relax and enjoy their dinner without having to guard their bowl.
    it's just a way he has learned to cope with their instinctive husky behavior I guess. they're all beautiful and healthy and they all play and get along just fine the rest of the time. and nobody... human OR dog has to worry at meal times that way!

  10. We know Hachi is in the best paws to get all the guidance and help he needs to be his best self!!

  11. Hachi is in the best place for him to learn to de-stress. You are so good to do so much for him. We LOVE his goofy expressions:)

  12. He certainly doesn't look stressed when in the desert--goofy, yes, but not stressed. Hopefully, you'll find the way to make him feel really safe and he can just continue to enjoy life.

  13. When you look at those exuberant photos, and his happy face, it's hard to believe he has any fears. I wish we'd caught and gotten on top of Luke's sooner. You're so wise to do that. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  14. OMD, you are one funny dude Hachi! Ma was LOL at your cute pics!
    I just knows you will be able to suss out the answer for Hachi....just look at Shyla!
    Ruby ♥

  15. I love his ears!!!!
    Sorry I haven't been visiting the blogs - there is way too much going on! I'm trying to get at least a little bit caught up this afternoon! Hugs to Hachi, R, and Shyla!

  16. We keep sending good vibes for Hachi,, !


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