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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tiny the Black Bear takes an Early Spring Bath

I've been searching for good news in my life, and I found some. Tiny the Black Bear appears to be walking more comfortably. He's still not standing up to mark trees but his walking gait looks much smoother. Here he is next to a tree that he's been marking for years and years.

The other day, I checked a cam that I haven't checked since late last winter. It is pointed at a pond where I tend to get footage of elk and moose.

Much to my surprise, Tiny was there in early May. He took a bath, probably his first one since before he went into his den late last summer.

He seemed very relaxed as he floated in the pond. Then, he picked up a stick from in the pond, and he used it to scratch his head. As far as I know, it's a very rare observation of a black bear using a tool.

Enjoy the video!


  1. oh he looks a little like Mark who took a bath too.. in a puddle ;O)))

  2. amazing is what it is. never seen anything like it. he is so beautiful, even in night view... i am so happy he is walking better. hope we get vids of him walking perfeclty soon...

  3. It's good to hear Tiny is walking a bit better. He sure seemed to be enjoying himself in his bath.

  4. Go Tiny Go! We're glad is get along is getting along better!

  5. He is such a smart bear! I sure hope he will be alright!

  6. Aw, so adorable. What a great video.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

  7. Yay for Tiny...I'm so happy to read he is walking better. What a smart bear to find the perfect stick for
    cleaning behind his ears and giving him a good scratch too.

  8. That is an interesting video...who knew?

  9. So good to see Tiny, and maybe to lift your spirits after the last days with problems at home. I wonder if this was his first bath after winter.

    1. Yes, I think that it's probably his first bath in nine months. Can you imagine?

  10. He certainly looks relaxed. Glad his foot seems to be healing. So interesting about the stick.

  11. Now that was one smart idea and he seemed to have enjoyed that bath very much.

  12. What a fun video KB.. I had no idea that they could use tools to scratch their head either!

  13. Oh Tiny!!!! You are smarter than the average bear, aren't you??!!! So glads the footie is gettin' betters!
    Oh, and it looks like Gpa with his back scratcher!!! BOL!
    Ruby ♥

  14. Isn't that funny! What a smart bear. I like how he chewed on it a little bit like a dog too. :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. That was quite a catch, wasn't it? I didn't know they actually use tools, holding a stick in his paw. Congrats on this interesting video.


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