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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Limping, Tiny keeps on marking his territory

Tiny is limping again. The limp is not as bad as late last summer but it looks painful for him to walk.

He looked normal on May 23rd, a snowy day in his territory. He walked with ursine grace and marked trees in his normal bipedal way. Something happened between then and May 28th, when his limp had returned.

He appeared early on May 28 in a beautiful scene. It had snowed a little overnight, and a water hole was full but frozen. You can tell right away that this is a really big bear because his ears are so small compared to his head. Of course, we have only one bear that big, "Tiny".
He broke the ice and drank some water. Then, he marked a tree - while sitting down. I wasn't fully aware of how much his right hind paw was bothering him. That was the one that he was dragging behind him late last August.

He traveled a lot that day despite his injury. It is the start of mating season. A male bear walks all over his territory, leaving scent marks on trees by rubbing his back on them. Then, sows pick up his scent and track him down. So, it is very important to a male bear to be able to walk throughout his territory. That's why Tiny kept moving.

That afternoon, he marked the leaning tree, which is a couple of miles from the water hole where we first saw him. He marked it while sitting down.

Then, he walked a short distance to another tree that he marks many times every year. He marked that one while sitting down too.

Tiny is about the same height as a normal bear when he sits down.
I have to guess that Tiny will keep marking all of his territory for as long as he can. At least we know that many cubs will carry on his legacy. And, I'm holding out hope that he will improve again.

I have a video of his travels.


  1. we cross our paws for Tiny... and we wish him all the best...

  2. Hari OM
    I too send some wild POTP for dear Tiny, a most wonderfurs bear! YAM xx

  3. It's amazing to watch Tiny as he walks about. I hope he is able to recover.

  4. It's amazing he can walk with an injury, he just keeps tracking on.
    Poor Tiny, I wish there was a way to help him. and I hope
    he is not suffering.
    POTP to Tiny.

    ♥ Astro and Mitzie

  5. I am so sad for this amazing beautiful and very big bear.. I hope he can heal and keep making more bears.

  6. I did not finish the video, it hurts me to see him try to walk. poor big guy... I noticed he did not put his hind legs in the water when he broke the ice

  7. Is there any way a state biologist or someone could temporarily anesthetize him and treat the foot? Because if she's showing THIS much pain, you know it must be agonizing! Animals are so good at masking their pain. I'm so sorry, Tiny, I wish I could make you feel all better soon!

  8. Oh no...Tiny I was surely hoping for 100% healing. I've been dealing with a pulled ligament for several months..they are slow to heal...just hoping that is all he has and recent activity has just aggravated it.
    Healing vibes coming to your wilderness

  9. We're sorry to see Tiny isn't doing very well. Our paws are crossed that he can get some rest and let that leg heal but mother nature isn't always so nice.

  10. Poor baby. I hope he gets better. I hate to see any precious animal in pain.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  11. I hope he gets better and has a good summer.

  12. We hope you are back to 100% soon, Tiny!

  13. Poor fellow. Too bad he can't find a bear doctor to help him out.

  14. That's a worry--the injury being the same foot. At least he can move, and mark. Poor fellow.

  15. He IS a very BIG bear!!! We are sorry to see him hurting. Lightning can totally relate.

  16. Poor little big guy, I hope it doesn't hurt too bad.

  17. We are hoping that Tiny will improve and still be marking his territory for a long time to come
    Mabel & Hilda

  18. Any chance state or fed Wildlife agency - or someone from CSU vet school - would be interested in tranking/examining Tiny and trying to treat his injury? Or perhaps it would be more hazardous to Tiny's survival to make his existence widely known...
    It's a sad situation. Whatever it is, he seems to be aggravating it with use.

  19. Sorry to see his injury has returned. Hopefully it's not serious and he'll fully recover.

  20. It's sad his injury is back but good to see how he is adapting to it. Animals are amazing, and I feel confident he'll get through this again!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  21. Oh gosh, it makes me sad to see Tiny hurting! I know you feel that way too KB.
    POTP for Tiny,! Please Universe,,, heal Tiny!


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