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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Shyla on Saturday

Shyla and I spent many hours atop Hug Hill this summer. Believe it or not, we were not just playing.

A very aggressive noxious weed had completely covered Hug Hill at the start of the summer. It's called "cheat grass", and it's a problem throughout the Western US.

Every day, Shyla would lie in the shade covering my back as I pulled some cheat grass. I put it into bags that my neighbors hauled out of the forest and to a disposal site. For now, Hug Hill is almost completely clear of cheat grass. It feels good to see what we accomplished.
Shyla and I can now return to our "play all the time" ethic atop Hug Hill. I'm sure that we'll have to repeat these efforts for a couple of years but that's okay with me. If I love a place, I'm willing to work to keep it beautiful.


  1. We had to look up cheat grass to see what it looked like. Kudos to you for saving your beautiful wildflowers and disposing of the cheat grass! Such beautiful photos of you, Shyla!

  2. Hari OM
    well done - and hoorah for Hug Hill! YAM xx

  3. Beautiful Shyla can hug with her eyes!

  4. Nature is lucky to have such a good friend!

  5. sounds like fun for Shyla and back breaking work for you and a big PLUS for our environment.. good job

  6. Good for you! You probably will have to keep doing it, but hopefully in subsequent years you'll see a reduction in the density and that will be encouragement to continue. There are some non-native invasive plants I pull up wherever I see them, but there are others that have such a firm foothold now (not on my own property, thank goodness) that it would be pointless to even attempt to tackle them except in a very site-specific way.

  7. Shyla you have lots of hats sweet girl. Guarding mom is the most impawtant.
    Cheat Grass that is a new one thank goodness it is gone. Sounds very invasive.
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Ack! Cheatgrass on Hug Hill! Sorry that it's found its way to your neck on the woods, and SO glad you're tackling it at the first sign. With persistence you should be able to keep it knocked way back. It's a lost cause on southern Idaho rangeland, but we at least keep it eradicated from our yard and the sidewalks in our neighborhood.

    For those fortunates who haven't met it: not only is it a highly invasive annual grass that provides dreadful tinder for wildfires and in general degrades grasslands. The seeds are barbed like a porcupine quill and if they work their way into ears, between toes, or other places, they can cause abscesses and worse.

    On that bright note: cheers (?),
    Chris from Boise

  9. Good for you! I'm sure getting rid of the grass makes it more enjoyable for you as well (having read the previous post, I'm certain. Yikes!)

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  11. Wow, great job by both of you! You've sure earned your play time!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  12. Kudos to you and to Shyla. I have heard and read about cheatgrass and how it is spreading, choking out the sage and other grasses. I'm so with you that while we cannot do it all, every little bit we do helps the environment. If more people were willing to work it would be a wonder indeed.

  13. Great job of helping to remove the invasive plant and for Shyla to keep you safe. It looks like Shyla is having fun playing again.

  14. Good for you....pulling out all the weed. We have so many burrs around here, that trying to get rid of it in a large area is soul destroying.

  15. Kudos to you for removing that noxious weed! Feel free to come down the hill and remove some at the Ranch. 😉


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