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Monday, August 12, 2019

The Hachi Chronicle

We are feeling the dog Prozac kicking in as Hachi is acting much more mellow around non-family members. He also has recently been able to recover when surprised by strangers outdoors. He lets us lead him further away, and then he plays our engage/disengage game. That involves looking at the person, then disengaging to look at us, and finally a treat. The fact that he can play that game after being surprised is a big step forward.

We did have one bad moment this week. Hachi was coming in the door from being outside. R appeared nearby, and Hachi behaved aggressively, snarling at R. That was a truly discouraging moment. That's the part of Hachi that we most want to change. We work on it almost every single day with games where R appears and Hachi gets treats to help Hachi associate R with good things.

The weirdest part is that R is one of the easiest dogs on Earth to get along with. Yet, he is the only one who Hachi seems to have simple aggression toward. It could be a male-male territorial thing. All that we can do is hope that the Prozac will eventually help with that aggression. Apparently, the dose can be increased yet again in the fall.

On the fun side of life, Hachi did his first mountain bike ride up to Hug Hill with me. He was nervous up there, frequently glancing over his shoulder. I got one good image of him, and then we played a bit to help him feel better.
I think that the Hug Hill mountain vista suits him well. Do you agree?

That's the chronicle for this week. Some good, and some not so good - just like life.


  1. how good that there was only one moment of sorrows anf we hope the meds will help to keep peace between the two ;O)

  2. Hari OM
    ... I'm having deja vu... but nicely so! YAMxx

  3. What a beautiful picture of Hachi on top of Hug Hill. We are keeping our paws crossed that his feelings towards R will improve so they can live together in peace.

  4. The photo is awesome! Hachi is the King of the Hill. :)

  5. I know you'll keep working on this. Got my fingers and toes crossed that Hachi will overcome this.

    What a great shot. You're a wizard with a camera.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  6. That is such a beautiful shot of you posing on your rock on Hug Hill, Hachi. The white blaze on your chest looks just right with the snow capped mountains in the background!

  7. What a beautiful photo of Hachi! Sending positive thoughts for a good week!

  8. The photo on Hug Hill surpasses the one bad moment. He is super looking up there with snow there behind.

  9. He looks 'fur-bulous' as king of the mountain. I too have found same sex pups problematic with aggression. Keep doing what you're doing; it will get more manageable.

  10. Hachi on Hug Hill...I love it. I spy snow in in the background you must have been at a very high elevation.
    Hachi chronicles seem to have so much less aggression than earlier and not as frequent.
    You and Runner are good humans

  11. We hope Hachi can join the mellow fellow club soon and be happy with R.

  12. Definitely a great background for him....or anyone. So strange that aggression towards R. Hope it sorts out soon. R is such a gentle soul.

  13. Beautiful picture of Hachi and the mountains. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Do you think it hurts R's feelings when Hachi acts aggressively towards him? I keep thinking of how sweet R was to Hachi when he first joined your family, letting him snuggle up for naps, and playing gently with him 😢

  15. Sometimes it seems like the most mellow, lovable dogs are the ones that get attacked or growled at the most. We have never understood that either. Hopefully Hatchi will get better with R.

    1. That's the part I do understand...when an animal is testing it's place, it is much safer to pick on a mellow or gentle animal to threaten.

  16. You're doing wonders with Hachi. We too hope that he can interact positively indoors with R someday, but applaud your management and behavioral modification work that's keeping everyone safe and aggressive 'rehearsals' to a minimum.

    We are also loving the recent posts and photos. Don't know how you find the time to keep the blog up to date with everything on your plate right now; remember that we'll all understand if you need to take a break.

    Best wishes -
    Chris from Boise

  17. Yes, he looks so handsome! I am glad you are making progress in some areas, though I know that getting along with R is probably the most important thing to you. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  18. Hachi looks like he really enjoyed being up on Hug Hill!
    We are keeping our paws crossed that Hachi mellows towards R!

  19. Dog behavior can certainly be baffling! I have a senior female chihuahua who came into my home a year and half ago and she has been absolutely fine with my other two females and the 7+ foster dogs (male and female) I've had during that time period, but she can't stand my male grand dog who is here quite often. She never gets better about it, no matter how much time he spends here. He is a very sweet boy, but she growls and barks if he comes within 3 feet of her. He just ignores her. Mystifying...


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