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Saturday, October 27, 2012

R joins the fun

Yesterday was truly a winter wonderland. I rode my snowbike all over the forest, gazing in awe at crystal scenes like this one. I hated to even ride through scenes like this one... they were so beautiful with no signs of humans (although you can see the deer tracks on the left of the trail).
The only sound was the crunch of my snowbike tires as they compacted the fresh snow.
Many of you asked where R has been lately. Our normal routine is that R runs with the Runner in the morning, doing zoomies of his own. But, this morning, all four of us played together during a snowy hike.
R is seeming more like himself in terms of energy. He's still about 5 lbs too light, and we're having trouble fattening him up despite an entire extra meal every day. We're trying not to think about his odd red blood cells that haven't gone away ("acanthocytes"). We and the vets hope that the bad cells will go away on their own. The alternatives are too scary to spend much time thinking about. It's better just live than to worry about what might happen in the future.

The two Labs ran in the meadow together. First away from us...
And then back to us when we called.
R has risen to the occasion of being a great big brother. I never visualized him in this role in the past because he's always been the youngest. Now, he leads the way on recalls during hikes, and he obliges his sister with lots and lots of playing around the house. Indeed, he even instigates some of it. Last but not least, he loves to sleep snuggled against his little sister (photos coming soon). This is a new side of R - and I adore it.
His sister was her usual well-behaved but goofy self during our hike. This seems to be a favorite tail position for her when she gallops.
At one point, I asked Shyla to do a sit-stay while the boys forged ahead. Her eyes opened very wide as she watched the "fun" move ahead of us. Don't worry - the sit-stay didn't last long!
At the end of our hike (and the start of my snowbike ride), the dreaded wind began. The snow was blown out of the trees and hit my face like icy pellets.
Fortunately, it didn't blow like this all the time, and I had another beautiful and very quiet snowbike ride. On the remote trails I followed, I found bear tracks, which I followed for a while, hoping that they might lead me to a den. No such luck... but it was another glorious day in Colorado.


  1. Oh beautiful! I loved Shyla's concerned look - you can almost hear her saying "Don't forget me!".


  2. R is indeed the ideal big brother. And the look on Shyla's face as Runner and R forge ahead with out her is priceless. You have done it again, brought smiles to our faces.

  3. What a grand time in the snow. But this is still October, isn't it?

  4. so beautiful....and so fun to see the dogs in the snow! i love snow, so these posts make me anxious for the "white stuff" here in wisconsin! Shyla is so happy and i love how R has taken the big brother role....good plan not to over analyze the RBC anomaly....

  5. I am so happy to see this. I was worried that R wasn't feeling well. It is so much fun to see them both in the snow.

    Anne and Sasha

  6. It is so good to see R and Shyla together, he must feel well as his body responds to some "fun in the snow "time.The trees look beautiful in their winter decoration. Greetings from Jean.
    ( AOK here)

  7. I Love how Shiyla wears her heart on her sleeve. Bart became an excellent big brother after Gizmo went to the bridge. He and Ruby play and frolic often. She has been a wonderful influence.

  8. Seeing the pictures of your pups frolicking in the snow I can't wait to see how Millie will react at her first snow. However I really don't want that to happen too soon.


  9. Thunder would love to have the problem of being 5 lbs. too light. He is convinced we are starving him.

    So wonderful to have a happy pack again.

  10. Shyla's intensity is very endearing and captivating!

    You know, I'm not surprised that R is being such a great big brother. He had K and S to teach him after all! He looks a lot more mature to me next to Shyla. It looks like he's filling out a bit, although I know Shyla is a lot more petite than K was. At least, she seems to be so.

    If you're trying to put weight on R, you might want to try satin balls. It's a recipe Greyhound people have relied on a lot for a long time for hounds who have gotten a sudden illness, because usually they don't have a lot of extra weight to spare. It seems gross, but it really works and all of our dogs (even the ones who weren't sick, little moochers) have loved them.

  11. So beautiful! R is such a sweetheart

  12. I love the fun and discovery you are having with R and his big brother role and Shyla for running along your bike.

    I don't know if I'm ready for the snow yet, but I always love watching the dogs run in it! :)

  13. It was great fun to see the Brother-Sister team at work today.
    They look like they are having wonderful fun . . .the picture of the snow blowing was gorgeous. We are down for some snow tonight, so its always fun to get up in the morning and see whats arrived overnight!

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  14. Look at all that lovely snow! Forgive me, but you can keep it, for now ;)

    R's "big brother" picture is fantastic; his expression is priceless. As is Shyla's in the "Hey, where are they going?!" down stay picture.

  15. As the full moon draws closer, I can see K's smile at her 'legacy'

  16. Ann....from...Outer Banks of NC..said.....YIPPEE.....I love the pictures of R and Shyla ....a big thank you ...made me feel all warm in side just seeing them together.....and the snow is beautiful....mother nature is something special...and to see all this makes you appreciate everything that God has given to us...HUGS

  17. So much snow so quickly! Your world changes in just a few hours! Absolutely amazing.

  18. A winter wonderland for sure! You sound like the most wonderful brother ever, R!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  19. That last portrait of Shyla is lovely, as are all the shots of she and R playing, and the beautiful snowy scenes!

  20. We're happy to see your "blog name" is back in action ~ Romping and Rolling in the Rockies! Love to hear the good news and see R and Shyla horsing around together. Glad that your heart is starting to feel a bit brighter!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  21. That last tree picture is beautiful!!


  22. I just love your winter wonderland! How great for the four of you to get and and play. R and Shyla look so happy and full of energy in the snow. Shyla has such an intense look on her face during her sit/stay! LOL! I can't wait to see R curled up with his sister! :)

  23. wow, all that snow. Do the furry kids ever wear boots?
    Benny & Lily

  24. What absolutely stunning photos! That deep blue sky and fresh snow are just gorgeous! So glad to hear R is feeling well, even if his red blood cells are still abnormal. I hope all will return to normal over time.

    Susan and Wrigs in AZ

  25. I see the joy in your photos. I hear happiness in your words!! Living in the moment is priceless and perfect.

  26. Super snow shots and I love Shyla's quizzical look!

  27. The trail is beautiful

    Stop on by for a visit

  28. Shyla has a star in her eye!!
    Beautiful photos.


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