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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Snow and bobcat mother-kitten

This was the sight outside our bedroom this morning. Winter is here!
I have to be honest. I wasn't terribly excited about going out in it - I gradually develop my "winter state of mind" as the season wears on. But, Shyla was very excited, so we went!
It was a decent layer of snow (5" or so) and more is supposed to fall tonight. One of the things that I love about winter weather is that almost no one else goes out in it so I can hear the true silence of the forest. My snow bike track is shown on an otherwise untouched trail below.
Shyla kept getting the wildest snow beards. She was so full of happy zoomies in the snow that I barely captured any photos of her unless I asked her sit still!
I have a bit of catching up to do on my trail camera photos because I've captured some extraordinary cat behavior recently (bobcat and mountain lion). But, first, let me answer Lily's question about where the camera that I won in the contest (thanks to your votes) is posted. It's still posted next to my house. I always do this with a new model of camera so that I can optimize the settings before I put it someplace remote. I'm learning that this Spypoint Camera will work best in a place where the animals are not moving fast because it's not great at freezing motion at night but takes great daytime and still nighttime photos. I have an idea for a perfect spot where animals like to lounge and hang out. Now, I just need some decent weather to get it to the spot.

In the meantime, I first have to move another camera. It makes me sad that someone spotted one and then spent a couple of minutes *behind* it, doubtless looking at the lock wrapped around the tree. I automatically move a camera when this happens so that the person can't come back with heavy duty tools to steal it. But, just in case, if you happen to be the one who saw this camera and went behind it, I'd be grateful if you could email me about it (kynabear5 at gmail dot com). I've been monitoring that spot non-stop since April, and the male bears who are heading for dens will pass it in the next month. I'd love to get a full season of bear footage for that spot in the woods.

I wanted to show you an extraordinary series of photos of a bobcat mother and her kitten. They arrived in a clearing that I've had staked out with a trail camera for years now. Almost every species of large mammal in our area visits this clearing from time to time. Here, the pair arrived.
This is a spot where mountain lions, bears, and other animals have marked their territory regularly. These two bobcats were very interested in the tree.
Indeed, they seemed interested in something that was *up* in the tree.
The two of them walked away from the tree briefly and looked as if they were whispering to each other.

Then, they were both distracted by something to the side.
As they scanned, the kitten looked straight at the camera. What a cutie!
Then, it appeared as if mom told the kitten something serious. He even rocked his weight backward away from her. Perhaps she was chastising him for something.
They disappeared from view for a little bit, and then they both reappeared in the view. There are TWO bobcats in this photo. Do you see them both? I missed one of them at first.
Here's a zoomed version to help you. Mom was on her way up the tree. I've captured photos of her carrying tree squirrels away from this site before. I wonder if she was heading up the tree to try catch one?
The kitten stayed there, looking up toward his mom for a while. Then he wandered away. I suspect that mom came down via a different tree because I didn't get any footage of her descent.
I thought that this series of photos of mom and her kitten plus tree-climbing was the most fascinating bobcat series that I've ever captured.

Our bobcats are out there tonight, in the snow, working to make a living. I hope it's not too rough.


  1. What beautiful snow! And those cats are too cute

  2. Great Bobcat photos. And mom going up the tree is very cool.
    Shyla with a bread. hahhaha. It snowed all day here so I am sure it is headed your way.
    Is there a way to camouflage the cameras so they might not be so easily noticed. Up where Goose and Bert, Vickie and I go some times I have seen a couple of trail cameras and two of them stick out like a sore thumb, at least to me. Seems if they were mine I would try to make them blend in more. Just curious. Have fun in the snow.

  3. Oh Shyla we like your white beard...those bobcats are beautiful. to bad you have to move the camera
    Benny & Lily

  4. I am totally fascinated by the wonderful bobcat shots! Glad Shyla loves the snow.

  5. Oh we are so glad you showed the pictures of the bobcats. And the shots of Shylas face with the snow.

    I am sorry that you are going to have to move the one camera. Hopefully whoever was there will email you and letyou know you dont' have to worry.

    I love the picture of the one bike track thru the snow. Winter is so beautiful.
    Bert and My Vickie

  6. That shot of the momma bobcat jumping up the tree is amazing! I missed it too the first time I looked. Her blurry image really blends in to the bark of the tree. Thanks for sharing.


  7. WOW KB. Just, WOW. This is fascinating and lucky. Just beautiful!

  8. What a fantastic and fascinating series of photos! I think it's really cool that you got such a cool peek into their lives. Hopefully, the other trail camera won't be bothered, either!

    It looks like Shyla is going to love her first winter!

  9. Shyla, you have just dribbled your snow freeze icecream!!! Great bobcat photos, and again sooo glad you won the trail camera, waiting for more new photos when it is "run in". Greetings from Jean

  10. Ann....from....Outer Banks of NC...said....LET IT SNOW!LET IT SNOW!...wish we had just a little ...but we are watching out for that hurricane.(Sandy) our forecast....your snow pictures are just beautiful..and sweet Shyla with her white beard cute I just smiled and smiled... please give her and R...a smooch....looks like she had a-lot of fun today...but I know it feels good to be inside....Sure hope all the animals there find a safe haven...HUGS

  11. Shyla looks really sweet with her snow beard. I can imagine it was fun watching her explore the snowy world. Those cats have adorable faces, what great shots you got.

    Anne and Sasha

  12. The bobcat photos are just great. I didn't see the Mom climbing either, until you showed us. Looked everywhere all over that picture. The cute little baby bob is almost as big as Mom, they must grow to full size fast!

    Yea for our Mountain Girl Shyla, she is having a time, isn't she!

    Jo, Stella, Zkhat

  13. The interacting Bobcats are awesome! Shyla is going to add a whole new energy and perspective to winter for you...a winter with laughter would be good.

  14. EEK, snow! I'm not ready for that yet >.>

    Skyla does look THRILLED to pieces, though. The beard pictures are hilarious!

    I loved the Bobcats photos. What a great duo to watch interacting. You could pretty much write a children's book using those pictures!

  15. I can't believe how much snow you got! I am jealous! Shyla looks like she just loves the snow. I just love seeing dogs play in the snow, it can't help but put a smile on your face. I too, love the winter because it is so much quieter. Those series of pictures rock! Capturing that Momma climbing the tree is really something! You must have been so happy with these. I can't believe people would steal your cameras! Well....actually I can. :(

  16. We love your snow beardie pictures, Shyla! You have a better beard going than Molly does!
    The Bobcat photos are fabulous, KB!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  17. Khyra says it would be fun to do snow zoomies with Shyla AND The Khytty Khats!

  18. The Bobcat series is absolutely wonderful! As are Shyla's snow beards! And that is one great thermometer!

  19. Such great photo's. We're loving the ones of Shyla and her beard. The snow there is so beautiful. Yesterday we were at 81 degrees! normally we too are covered in snow.

    Thanks for letting us know about your new camera. We didn't know that adjustments have to be made. See, we're learning :)

    Love the pretty 'kitties' they are so cool. Guess we never realized that they climb trees. There's that learning stuff again. The clearning in the forest where they are is very pretty.

    Lily Belle

  20. Amazing bobcat photos - love following your commentary. That shot of Mom going up the tree is so interesting.

    I too take a while to "warm" up to the winter cold - a really long time:) But the pups are all loving this colder air, anticipating the arrival of some snow one of these days:) Hopefully better than last year.

  21. Oh boy, Shyla's having fun! I remember my first snow too. Those bobcats are really cute!

  22. What a lot of snow you´ve got in one night...we got only to cover the grass . We wanted to train the dogs today but it was so hard snow so the paws could be damaged...
    Love your serie about the bobcats. I will look into ours tomorrow and see if the big moose bull is to see

  23. I got the chills just SEEING the snow.....

    love the bobcat pics!

  24. WOnderful series of photos of bobcats! But I love the ones of Shyla and her snow beard. ;)

  25. Holy cat! Holy, holy cat! Those photos are so incredible!

    But I'm so sorry to hear someone has discovered another of your cameras. That makes my hair stand on end because of what happened to what I think was the last discovered camera. I hope the camera stays safe and that you get to keep it in place.

  26. I knew you'd have some great snow pics. The Bobcats are a bonus! I love the split in that big tree.

  27. Wow! Snow! So do the dogs wear boots in the snow?

    That looks soooo cold and sooooo fun!!!!

  28. I find myself so often holding my breath as I look at your wild life photos, and smiling when I read about your girl! There's something so special about a pups first winter,and discovery of their world, isn't there?

  29. We're bracing for Hurricane Sandy; at least there's no snow involved for us in MD. The photos of the bobcats are incredible! Sure hope mama bobcat can keep them both fed this winter.

  30. What fun having the cats put on a show for the camera!


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