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Monday, October 29, 2012


Shyla and I climbed up to a plateau to see the sunrise today. When we looked to the west, the snowy mountains glowed in the sun's golden light.
A raven soared high above us with the sunrise reflecting off his wings, making him look like an exotic bird with orange spots.
We relaxed in those first few moments of the day. Shyla is wide eyed and excited about every single day. I adore the dog spirit!
It felt eerie in one way. I shared so many sunrises with K on this same plateau. Now, I'm sharing them with a different dog, one who I'm getting to know so very fast. Shyla's personality and looks are so different from K's yet sometimes I see glimpses of K in Shyla, like in the photo above.

I find myself searching for K's paw prints in the snow. Since I love tracking wildlife in the snow, I'm always scanning the snowy ground for paw/hoof imprints. K had a distinctive three-toed paw, after losing one toe to a bone infection, and her pawprint would always catch my eye as I scanned. So, after this past snow storm, I found myself automatically expecting to see K's tracks and then remembering, all over again, that I wouldn't be seeing them. Of all the places on Earth, K's spirit feels the strongest to me out on our trails where she spent so many happy hours even though her pawprints are conspicuously absent.

Shyla grounds me in the present. My sweet girl is truly becoming a daughter of the mountains.
We are thinking of all of you who are in the path of the big storm. We hope that you are well and safe.


  1. You know where I see K's paw prints? On your heart. They are as clear and present as your growing love for Miss Shyla.

  2. Goose is right; K left her paw prints all over Blogville and most importantly on your heart.

  3. Awww, we just love what Goose had to say about the pawprints of K on your heart:)

    This broken record has to repeat - amazing photos!

  4. I think many will agree with me that K SENT Shyla to you. We have no idea how this happens but it does. Sue of the Porties lost Tsar
    to brain inflammation (?) and shortly after a beautiful pup came to her house, hungry and alone. After checking on him, he joined the Portie Pack easily. That is Sebastian. It happens often, we read about it and people tell us about it. I love it!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  5. Gosh, we're with Goose on the pawprints on your heart too! Perfectly said! Experiencing every first without K must be so hard. Thankfully you have new life and love and hope in Shyla. That sunrise over the snowy mountains is spectacular and I think Shyla has a bit of K's glow! :)

  6. K's pawprints will last forever, even if covered by snow, washed away by rain, or scratched over
    by birds or wildlife. Her love for you will always be there, and Shyla will stand tall, giving you love and comfort.My thoughts also to all in Sandy's ferocious path.Stay safe, keep in touch, listen to those in charge, and if they say " Evacuate" please run. Greetings from Jean.

  7. I agree with Goose, her pawprints are left where it's most important. I can see some of K's spirit in Shyla's eyes, too. She is perfect for you!

  8. I agree with Goose, her pawprints are left where it's most important. I can see some of K's spirit in Shyla's eyes, too. She is perfect for you!

  9. I have to agree with Goose too:))

  10. And I bet you will see those paw prints in the sky too- when you look up- at just that right moment.
    Shyla is so beautiful. This post brought tears to mommies eyes.
    I wanted to let you know-- we love you.

  11. I also see so much of K within Shyla. And I agree that Shyla was in some way sent by K with some of K's spirit embedded in Shyla. K will always leave her pawprints everywhere.

  12. The orange reflection off the crow is amazing!

    That photo of Shyla is full of K-vibes...

  13. I love what Goose said about K's footprints on your heart.
    And Miss Shyla is looking wonderful. I think I see increasing maturity in her - physically, and in her eyes.

  14. have a lovely countryside...Shyla is in many pictures you take like K....

  15. After losing each of my dogs I would still look for them or even feel their presence at places we loved. So glad you have Shyla to share your days.

  16. Shyla has matured so much in the short time you have had her - she is so beautiful!


  17. Amazing how much we love our different dogs in such different ways. I am so happy that you chose Shyla over the baby puppy. I know she is coming to love your mountains as much as the rest of you.

  18. Shyla gets smore beautiful with each passing day.

    Thanks for thinking of us - it was a rough time for the east coast, we are surviving as best we can.

  19. ahhh thats so cute you look for K's footprints still :)

    kind of similar but not, and slightly wierd. i look for Deefa poo. i know proper sad right! hes been gone like a year and a half now but wherever i go i actually look for Deefa poo still on the walks we use to have together, and in my garden where i might of missed one or up my mums driveway where the grass was long.

    wow i have problems eh LOL!!!

    Charlene and Stormy

  20. Your raven looks as though he's dressed for Halloween! What a great shot!

    I often think of K when I see the portraits of Shyla. She is indeed her own individual self, but she does favor K. I wonder sometimes if I see some of your love and life with K reflecting in Shyla...


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