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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

A mountain lion and a bear couple eat from the same deer carcass

What a few weeks of mountain lion activity! Last week, our female mountain lion killed a doe on the edge of a meadow. The crazy thing was that it was less than 50 yards from a cabin and a couple of houses. I looked at the site, and my guess was that she would not come back to the kill because it was too close to humans. I was wrong.

I set up a cam by the carcass and waited to see what would happen. Indeed, the lion came back. It was early - before 10 PM - so people were still awake nearby. This lion must have been very hungry.

She ate for less than 30 minutes, and then she began to cover the carcass with pine needles. She departed before 10:30PM, perhaps heading off to another cached meal or to hunt.

She came back again around 3:30AM to eat for another half hour. Then, she did something that surprised me. As she prepared to depart, she walked about 10 yards toward the houses so that she was looking out over a meadow. Then, she caterwauled!
That was when I began to think that my interpretation of why she'd been out in daylight within one small area for weeks was wrong. I've only seen female lions caterwaul when they are in estrus and are looking for a mate. Perhaps that is why she's been behaving oddly.

As I watched the video, I figured that the action was over for the night. Again, I was wrong. Two bears showed up just as it was getting light. I was so shocked that I initially thought that they were two male bears.In the photo below, Mohawk, our main sow, has just dragged the carcass to the upper left of the photo. Her beau, One-Eyed Jack, is in the foreground. There was a lot of vocalizing as the two of them arrived at the carcass - and it was pretty aggressive!

Mohawk is one tough sow. She told brawny One-Eyed Jack to go find some scraps while she worked on the bulk of the carcass. And he complied! (Notice the lack of eye shine in his left eye socket.).
That was a crazy night of events. We had a caterwauling mountain lion eating very close to houses. Next, an amorous ursine couple showed up to have a romantic breakfast together.

Check out the video if you have time!


  1. Spring is the time for lots of little ones..I hope you cameras capture a few
    Hugs cecilia

  2. It's a little unnerving knowing that these animals are so close to homes and people. Sad for the doe, but I'm glad the others got to eat.

  3. The circle of life. Survival of the fittest. It's the way of things. They are so precious.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  4. The caterwauling sounds so strange to me even though I've heard it before on your videos but not often. They are so amazing they're a lot like people they have to save up the food for tomorrow and they don't know how to share. Even the Bears don't care with each other just like people. It's a little scary to me for the animals that they're coming closer and closer to civilization which puts them in danger. I hope they move back out into the woods and stay away from the houses in the people because of the harm it could do to the animals

  5. What a great video. It's amazing that the female was able to get the male bear to let her eat first.

  6. Love the bear moaning grunts! That meal is feeding many.

  7. Yes, they sure are enjoying that meal that keeps on giving.

  8. Wow! How cool to see both bears eating from the carcass!!

  9. Amazing footage. A bit scary that it was so close to homes, though.

  10. That was a busy carcass! Hope the animals move a little further from people. In thr city a coyote was killed this week (not just for being there, it had attacked several people).

  11. It's so cool to be able to watch the local wildlife through your cameras. Thanks for that!

  12. That is so close to a home, then he says " come and see what I have for you"!!!and a bird tweeting al, the time,this is so wonderful.

  13. Just like your refrigerator, if you want to save something for later, you need to put your name on it.

  14. OMD, that was soooo cooool! Butts, yeah, so close to homes! That has got to give you a little bit of a pause. butts wowsa! What a great capture!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Ma says Mohawk is Ma's spirit animal....BOL!

  15. And the even crazier thing is that those people were practically in the midst of it all and didn't even know it!

  16. I never knew bears ear meat. Do they kill larger mammals like dear or pigs to eat them, too?


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