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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Shyla Saturday

I can't help myself. I love the yellow flowers. Shyla and I play in them every morning. These are my favorite days of the year.

This morning, I was having breakfast on the deck, another thing that I love about this time of the year. As usual, I had the sliding screen door open by about a foot so that Shyla could go in and out as she pleased. When she was lying inside, I saw a striped rodent zip past me and into the house. A chipmunk!

I quickly moved Shyla to another room and closed up that room to contain the chipmunk. By the time the Runner and I returned to look for the chipmunk, he was nowhere in sight. We searched, with no luck whatsoever. The Runner smartly suggested that I go get Shyla because she'd find him. She came into the room, did not seem to smell a rodent, and began playing with her toy, Elmo.

We humans thought that maybe the chipmunk had gone back outside. We waited a few minutes. Shyla finally left Elmo to sniff a corner of the room. The chipmunk was under the baseboard heater in that corner. Shyla chased him back outside. Crisis averted! Shyla was the nosework hero.

Here's my girl this morning in the field of yellow.
I love her so much.


  1. Hari OM
    What's life without a visit from a chipmunk? &*> YAM xx

  2. What fun to have a live "toy" inside the house! Love you romping in the beautiful yellow wildflowers, Shyla.

  3. Such a pretty Shyla and that was some really fine nose work!

  4. We're glad to hear Shyla finally sniffed out the rodent and got him to leave. She sure looks happy romping in the flowers.

  5. Great detective work Shyla! That chipmunk was pretty lucky to not be caught.

  6. these are wonderful (they're ALL always wonderful) but these are SMILING so big!
    she's such a happy beauty! xoxo

  7. Shyla if I offer you room and board and 2 way travel will you come live here for about a week.
    The chipmunks are eating our hostas...
    Love your photo
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. I had NO IDEA chipmunks ate hostas! I thought it was slugs, and put crushed eggshells around them. I think I inadvertently killed our chipmunk's family and he moved away.

    2. I'm so out of it that I didn't know what a Hosta is! I googled them, and they sure are beautiful flowers. Sorry that they're being eaten.

  8. Way to go, Shyla! XOX Xena and Lucy

  9. Great job, Shyla!!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  10. Shyla looks so beautiful in the field of yellow flowers!!! Perfect background color for her furs.

  11. Way to go Shyla. You are a very useful dog. You were good to chase and not eat.

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