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Monday, March 14, 2011

Magical sunrise

From the first moment that K and I set foot out the door this morning, the woods felt magical. The snow glowed pink from the blossoming sunrise behind us. I pedaled hard to reach a look out point before the sun peeked over the eastern ridge. I made it!
I couldn't decide whether looking east toward the sunrise or west toward the alpenglow was better.
The alpenglow drew me like a magnet. K and I headed to our western-most promontory to gaze at the mountains.
I sat on a log, with K by my side, and felt the world wake up around us. The light morphed so rapidly that each instant felt unique. The birds started to sing their spring songs and the woodpeckers commenced drumming. I knew how lucky K and I were to be soaking up the dawning of a new day.

Soon after sunrise, the sky turned cerulean blue.
The snowy mountains glowed in the distance.
We had a peaceful ride, with no scary encounters or shadows lurking in the forest. I simply rode and K ran, enjoying the day.

Later, the Duo and I headed out for an evening hike. R found a deep patch of spring snow and wriggled with abandon. R's spirit inspires me.
We wandered the woods, with no particular goal, until sunset. I felt carefree and relaxed, without a clock ticking loudly toward early darkness.
I can feel the season changing, even though I know that we usually get a total of about 5' of wet and heavy spring snow in April and May.


  1. I'm sure Mango will think it is a black Labradork thing!

    Great pics!

    My word is WINGS!

  2. I think I need to move. It would be really spectacular to start and end my day with skies like those.

    Look at that joy-filled R. The Pack left him some kisses today:)

  3. I agree with The OP Pack. What a wonderful way to start each day.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. That alpenglow is gorgeous! It looks surreal there, like its something that can't really appear on its own.

    K and R are both looking fantastic today! I love that shot of R with the snow flying. I get the sense that movement always seems to surround him.

    Forty years? That's quite a long time to make a false claim! Still, I bet some really interesting stuff turns up there!

  5. Love the change in lighting captured in the mountain views. What is it about the snow that makes dogs want to roll? It's the first thing Java does when she walks out the door. The snow might all be gone by the end of this warmish week.

  6. The mountains look like gold! Very beautiful! How wonderful to soak up the morning in that way!

  7. Maybe we could get a group rate on a moving company...
    pictures are all wonderful, but the third one blew me away BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Tank: We're in! Maybe not a MOVING company, but... no maybe a moving company. Yeah. Reautiful as always, KB. Love R in the snow. We went to give him kisses yesterday and there was a blogger malfunction. Will return.

  9. Your part of the world is SO beautiful - good on you for enjoying everything it has to offer! So many of us would look out the window, see all that snow and choose to just admire it from within - you get out there with your animals and celebrate it!

    Thank you for sharing it with us the way you do!

  10. I'll drive da movin' truck...hehehe!
    It sure don't looks likes dat where I lives...or maybe cuz we has nevers noticed. Nay, it really don't looks likes dat heres.
    R cracks me up withs da snow flyin'!


  11. That looks like some majorly fun snow-romping!!!

  12. You ARE very lucky to live where you do. Though, sometimes, I wonder if you don't feel very small, amidst all of that grandeur. The last picture, of the Duo, is a keeper.

  13. What a beautiful place to enjoy the day! It is so pretty there and the mountains are gorgeous! The picture of R enjoying the snow is so sweet! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  14. Dogs are such marvellous things to photograph. Ask them to pose and you're doomed. Catch them just right, as in the last photo, and its magic. A one in a million shot.

  15. Hi Y'all,

    I've missed several days posts and went back to read them. Fantastic pictures as usual. Love the mountain blue bird.

    I've been hard pressed to even get our posts up we've been so busy.

    I wanted to take a minute to tell you about the whistle I use for Hawkeye. It is a hunting whistle with rubber around the edge (whistle is plastic)so it won't bother my lips in cold. I spent time training Hawk to recall on the whistle. One blast, stop look at me. A high low call, come immediately! It can be heard in fog, although, since we don't hunt any longer, he never ranges that far from me. It prevents, in a panic situation, just what you experienced...your voice giving away your fright. Its loud sound tends to break through the animals thought and cause immediate action.

    Just a thought.

    Thanks for stoppin'
    BrownDog's Momma

  16. Gorgeous sunrise! I love the photo of R wriggling around... so cute!

  17. R - Cheoah totally approves of rolling with abandon in the snow.

  18. You describe your world so beautufully.
    I would love to sit on the log in the stillness, and just listen to the rhythm of my heart beat. I would love to sit and listen to the wind whisper through the trees.
    And then I know I could sit by a stream and watch the trickles go on their pathway to their destination. Ilove listening to the quiet. I love talking to the trees. I would love your world.

  19. Gorgeous blue skies....I focussed on "blue" in my most recent post and you used "cerulean" as a description...don't you just love that shade of BLUE. The last pic looks like spring is being taken as only dogs could do!

  20. I love that pic of R in the snow. He is so silly. I love that your camera can catch the snow flying. I don't think my crappy little camera is could enough for that.

  21. Amazing pics! Love the rolling in the snow action shot! Some pup is having fun!


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