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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not quite wordless Wednesday

6The beauty around me makes me smile even when my neck hurts. Here are my favorite images from the past two days. Spring has taken hold, at least for a brief time.

Sun crests the ridge

Downward dog in rising sunlight

We rode to the top of Hug Hill for the first time in months!

A glittery vision

Forerunners... Do you see why our skies are often called "bluebird skies"?

Fuzzy spiral

Yes, there was an easy way to run to me... but R didn't choose it.

Labraduo silhouette against stormy sky

Deer are returning to our melting forest



  1. great pictures as always! i especially love K's downward dog, the cute little deer, and the gorgeous sunset!

    the booker man and asa's mama

  2. One of your very BEST ever !!

    Thank you for giving your photographic gifts to us !!

  3. Every photo is something special.

  4. Amazing photos! Wow, just breathtaking. It makes one feel so good to just be part of Mother Nature's beauty. Look at those then at the our furkids, and life is indeed good!

    The labraduo photo is just fabulous - a framer, for sure!

  5. There is truly nothing as beautiful as sunrise.

    Thanks for your good wishes for Sweet Pea. He is a little more perky tonight, but we will see. He is 20 years old and has been with mama since he was 3 months old. By the way, I have been with my family for 10 years. My sister Rosie is our newest member and had the rough start (frost-bitten ears). Sorry, if my post was confusing.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Amazing as always!!! That sunset - wowzers. And K - thanks for the giggles:)

  7. Ok, now I am going to sound like a commercial. You need to submit the "Labraduo Silhouette Against Stormy Sky" to .

    I am thinking that I see a great winner!

  8. You could easily publish your own calendar and make decent money on it! I love each and every shot. The one of the Labraduo is fantastic, though, and that last one of the sky is just amazing!

    Oh, and I was supposed to pass along that Bunny would proudly wear a rabbit fur hat, but she fears being attacked by a certain young Shepherd!

  9. I was dazzled by the Labraduo Against the Stormy Sky . . .perfectly gorgeous! I agree about a Lab calendar, you have just what you need.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo and Stella

  10. Your peektures have taken my breath away. Absolutely gorgeous!


  11. Love K's downward dog. We totally echo Houndstooth's suggestion of a calendar. I'd love one!

  12. Beautiful sun pictures!
    Better grab your sunscreen:)
    I agree about the calendar or maybe even your own gallery!

  13. What beautiful pictures! Love the sky ones. I miss seeing sunrises and sunsets, we have so many trees around here. Thank you for sharing yours.

  14. Spring creeps in and gently pushes aside winter's heavy coat for playful teasing colors and sun warmed rapture! Your photos sing hope and joy!

  15. Hey there KB,
    It's lovely to see pictures of your world waking up....our world will be going to sleep soon.
    Lovely photos as always. Sending warm wishes to you - that your neck pain eases and that you continue to enjoy your beautiful rides.

  16. Always enjoy your awesome pics :).

  17. beautiful! i love the fuzzy spiral....
    Tahoe is feeling better, but no running for a while...poor thing

  18. Hi Y'all,

    If you never mentioned your temperatures, I'm afraid my Human would move to your world.

    You live in stunning country.

    The best part is that not only do you realize that it's the simple moments in life that make it all worthwhile, but you share them with us, your readers.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  19. Oh and am just adorin' da silhouette of K and R....just breathtakin'!
    Hehehehe... but i loves da one of R runnin' to you too! I'm sure da other way would haves taken him too long.


  20. Great pics. Love the downward dog pic- I can almost feel the warmth of the sun on K's fure=!==

  21. Love the last shot and the duo silhouette. Blue bird skies...I will add that o my blue blog from the other day.

  22. I love all the photos but the sunset one at the end is so cool they way the cloud look, almost like something alive, maybe a whale in the ocean. Really, I haven't been drinking or anything.


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