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Friday, January 4, 2019

Nature Friday, including a Mountain Lion

I had my favorite kind of day yesterday. Shyla and I were out at sunrise to see the fiery red sun peek over the eastern horizon. I had fun playing with positioning Shyla with the rising sun behind her.

After sunrise, I pedaled up higher as Shyla trotted along side me. I came to a rapid halt when I spotted mountain lion tracks. They were next to a trail that we use almost daily.
After I examined the first set of tracks, I spotted more tracks very soon thereafter. Indeed, for the rest of the ride, lion tracks criss-crossed our trail in the shallow snow cover of a sunny area. The tracks seemed very fresh. I called Shyla even closer because I had a feeling that the lion was still in the area.

We rode above a meadow, and I spotted the elk herd. Now I knew why the lion was around and was circling a small area.
The elk herd was not concerned with me and Shyla being near them so I was able to see that the lion had been stalking them from behind rocky outcroppings. I hid my bike so that we could back track the lion to see where he'd been. It was amazing to see the route that he'd taken, including a leap down a slot in a huge pile of boulders. I estimated that he'd leaped down 15' or so. We turned around there because there was no way that we could take the same route.

Late in our ride, I stopped at a trail cam and found footage of the lion from a bit earlier that morning. My gut feeling throughout the ride that the lion was nearby was correct. The lion marked very close in front of the camera in full daylight. Getting to see footage of a lion in full light is a treat!

Here's the short video.

Thanks to the LLB Gang for hosting the Nature Friday Blog Hop!


  1. Hari OM
    close to nature... you are! YAM xx

  2. Oh my, that could make for a bit tense of a walk!

  3. the video is truly nature at its best. he certainly is stunning and outshines the bobcat in the dark... the Shyla outline is Amazing.

  4. Wow - what awesome footage! I"m not so sure that I would like knowing that a mountain lion was possibly watching me while you are watching him.

  5. To be able to track a mountain lion! Cannot help being envious, though a mountain lion here would be a serious concern around my goats. I saw footage of a Snow Leopard chasing prey down a steep mountainside consisting mostly of huge stones, and the leaps were simply astonishing, as was the speed.

  6. It's great to be able to see that mountain lion during the daylight. That picture of Shyla is stunning.

  7. Oh my Shyla you are glowing I love that photo...I bet Mr. Mt. Lion saw you were aglow and kept his distance.
    You and your mom are two brave ladies.
    Great trail cam footage
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Wow that is amazing site to see!

  9. Talking About Stopping In My Tracks!! Dig That Elk Shot!! Well Done


  10. Exciting! Do carry anything with you in case such a cat would attack you or one of the dogs? We worry enough when we run into coyotes or fox when we are out walking early.

    1. I carried a big canister of pepper spray for years and years (probably 10). I accidentally sprayed myself with it twice when it got caught on brush. So, I decided to get rid of it. I think that I'd never know it in time to use the spray if a mountain lion decided to attack. The thought does scare me but it comes with the territory. And, if I avoid meadows at dusk, the coyotes aren't too much of a worry (plus, our dogs have very good recalls so they won't chase the coyotes).

  11. The elk herd is amazing, what a great view. And a lion so close, I would beetle home so fast!!!If I could.

  12. I love that first shot. Wow.

    Loved the video. Our dog did that marking too. Then the next dog would come by and mark it too.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  13. Exciting to track a mountain lion...but scary.

  14. Wow!! Now that's a little scary!

    Love the rim lighting on Miss Shyla, she is outlined in sunlight!

  15. That is amazing footage. Thanks for showing it.

  16. The perfect camera angle!

    Though you alone probably wouldn't know in time to counter a lion attack, you hike and bike with your trusty vigilant companions. Very wise.

    Chris from Boise

    PS Loving your Hachi posts, and very impressed at how the Big Dogs are accepting His Royal Pupness! All three in the bed together - awwwww!

  17. Fascinating about the lion. I love the picture of Shyla.

  18. That shot of Shyla at dawn is beautiful!!! You are way braver than we could ever be, and probably a lot wiser and savvy about the ways of lions.

  19. We have to agree with the Woo's you are so very brave! What a great video
    Hazel & Mabel

  20. Most definitely a MALE mtn lion, from the close-up of him marking. Thanks for sharing your stories and fascinating cam footage.

  21. What a great shot of the Mountain Lion. What a wonderful place to hike you have.

  22. How amazing! Sandra sent me over here to see your mountain lion and it is a fabulous sighting! I know you were excited. I saw a bob cat here in Florida....and was super excited! I love being out in nature! Happy weekend!

  23. Wow. Brilliant post. The mountain lion footage is awesome.

  24. Wow...those images are incredible (and so was the video!).

  25. That would totally freak me out - you are so much braver than I am!! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  26. Just love the photos of Shyla!!! And what an incredible video!


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