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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Year of the Bobcat

The aches and pains from my surgery are still dominating my consciousness. My approach to life is to trudge on, trying to embrace the aspects of life that I love, to help me forget the pain. Seeing this coyote trotting briskly through our clearing was a good start.I decided that trying to find bobcat tracks to follow would be a fun adventure so K and I began our hike by hitting all of our local cat's favorite spots. Those spots are generally boulders near meadows. So, we examined every boulder near our most expansive local meadow. K climbed up a snowy boulder.
We didn't find tracks or scat near that boulder but I captured a photo of my best furry friend.
We followed the bases of massive and imposing boulders, since bobcats love to leave their signs in those unique spots.
We perused every speck of ground in boulder fields but the elusive bobcat seemed invisible today. In our boulder scrambling, we found a glorious and remote viewpoint, that I suddenly realized sat only a quarter mile above the bear's den. After enjoying our private summit, we quietly retreated further from the den.
It was a peaceful spot that seemed to soothe my soul although not my headache. I hugged K for solace.
As one last try to find bobcat tracks, we dropped down toward a canyon trail. Voila, a bobcat had briefly followed in the packed furrow left by K's and my previous forays into this canyon.
This feisty bobcat soul, who weighs a tenth as much as a male mountain lion, left scat on the mountain lion's favorite scent post. K sniffed it.
But, after being parodied today about my habit of showing "actual pictures of piles of scat" in my posts, I won't show you a photo of our glorious find! The Thundering Herd's post made me laugh and laugh. Thanks Herd! I really needed a good chuckle.

I've looked at my Kathleen Coy bobcat painting many times over the past two days, a gift from my blogging friends that still astonishes me. All of you have no idea how many times that gorgeous painting has made me smile. Here's to the Year of the Bobcat!
To wind down the day, our foursome took a sunset hike together, and it felt like medicine for my soul. It didn't make my head or neck hurt any less but it made me smile. I'm lucky and I know it.
Now, our labraduo is sharing a bed for the first time since R started sporting the stylish cone. Although the cone doesn't upset R even a tiny bit, it scares poor K. She's been keeping her distance, until tonight. Of course, her new-found courage has emerged just as R is ready to have his staples taken out. C'est la vie!
Of course, if K actually sees R as the beast with one green glowing eye that he appears to be in the photo, perhaps her fear makes sense!

Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement after yesterday's post. I know that I'm on a roller coaster, and that my body will rebound soon. I see my PT and my surgeon in the next two days so I'm almost sure that I'll get reassurance that this exacerbation of pain and fatigue is perfectly normal. In the meantime, I'll keep trying to do the things that I love.


  1. I laughed so hard this morning when I read that post on The Thundering Herd! The truth is, I felt a lot like you when I went out to get owl pictures the other day, too. I couldn't get away with posting pictures of scat and making it sound exciting or entertaining at all! People would all think I'd lost my nut.

    I love that picture of the labraduo together! Poor R! Where is the love?

    I think the Year of the Bobcat will be a long one, but one that you will look back on with a lot of pride over when you see all the obstacles you've overcome, even if you're too close to it now to see it all!

  2. OK, I am upset now. Because of DK and The Herd, I no longer will get new photos of scat piles? Both Stella and I enjoy seeing these natural excrements in their natural

    So thanks very much, DK and the herd, for ruining this. Make this right, will you?

    Jo and Stella

  3. I haven't read The Thundering Herd's post yet, but now I'm interested!

    I don't mind your scat pictures! I think it's interesting - we've got nothing but pigeon poo around here.

    Sorry for your recent aches, I hope you start to feel better soon. It looks like your canine family is really helping you cope. What a great duo.

  4. Grins - glad we could provide a little amusement today. The idea for today's post really came when you asked the other day if we had seen tracks in the snow - and it just sort of developed in my demented mind.

    Love the pics of K on the boulder. Such a majestic soul.

  5. Yet ANOTHER benefit of your blog are the comments that your posts bring from your faithful readers!

    Great pics!

  6. Sorry about the headaches. I suffer from migraines and understand how it can consume you!
    K and R look so sweet together.
    Gotta go see what the Thundering Herd has been up to.
    Take care,

  7. The picture of the two of them together is just wonderful.

  8. Hey there KB!
    Just sending lots of love your way and hoping that the medical visits go well. Hang in are doing well!
    I must tell you that I keep thinking that you would absolutely LOVE the hikes they offer in our Kruger National Park. There are quite hectic ones too (that require you to be very fit)over a couple of days - under the keen, watchful eye of an armed game ranger. Can you imagine the feeling of being in the company of so many of Africa's wild animals? The tracking and the education is incredible as is the feeling of being an outsider in nature's environment!
    It's something to think about whilst you are recovering.
    C & MAXDOG

  9. Sometimes we expect way too much of ourselves after an injury. I know I do. I give myself a couple of days and then tell myself that it's time to get on with life. It's also difficult to remember that I'm not 25 any longer, either☺

    Poop is poop - my dogs would LOVE to smell that stuff and maybe take a nibble!

  10. Bring back scat! Bring back scat!

    OK...I hope your doctor visits bring you reassurance and, even more, I hope you find physical relief soon.

    Great action shot of K coming over the boulder. She looks like she's on an important mission.

  11. Poor K can take on anything and everything BUT the evil cone scared her BOL The labraduo looks adorable. Are we sure K is aware that K is standing next to her or is she about to wake up and freak?

  12. Hi KB, I'm back and catching up with you. Looks as though there are some gray clouds overhead (literally and figuratively). I'll read back posts to find out...Hope you're well. I've been thinking of you and the pups.

  13. Thunderherd's little parody was pretty funny. I must admit, as I walk to the mailbox and see all the deer tracks, bunny, and I don't know what all, it makes me smile and think of you. Nothing as exciting as your bear, cougar, and bobcat trails.

    I hope you get some reassurance from your doctors. Getting out for your walks may not be alleviating the pain but it sounds like it's a boost to your spirit and takes your mind off it a little bit.

    It sound like you are getting a ton of snow. I'm looking forward to the upcoming photos.


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