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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The clouds lift and coyote mystery

We're spoiled here in Colorado with about 300 days a year of sunshine. So, gray skies yesterday and this morning seemed to color the world morose. However, we had a fun evening ski with our best furry friend, JB, who joined us to romp in the snow.
Clouds hid the sunset but the spirits of the dogs didn't match the cloudy atmosphere.
The dogs seemed wired from being on their best behavior for days. K careened around the forest with her friends but came when called.
Lots of wild stick wrestling dominated the ski.
This morning, although the forecast insisted that it would be a sunny day, the skies still hung low and dark with snow showering through the air.
Then, suddenly, around noon, blue sky blasted through the clouds, beckoning us out for an adventure. Even the moon shined low in the sky, captured near the bottom of the photo.
We skiied up to see our mountains brightly shining with new snow behind our jet-black R.
A closer look at those snowy peaks awed me. I feel such peace when I imagine myself hiking though summer wildflowers in those mountains. And, I'm mentally insisting that I'll be capable of those hikes by next spring.
Although it was mid-afternoon, the lazy sun arced close to the horizon, casting long shadows from trees, boulders, and R.
Yesterday, I mentioned that a coyote visited our clearing in midafternoon. We've learned to recognize this particular coyote because she's visited regularly since last May. As of yesterday, she has a new ear injury. In the photo below, her right ear has a torn spot, as if she was recently injured in a fight. I wonder what happened to her. Perhaps she fought with another coyote over territory. That guess topped my list because this coyote is the only one who frequently appears alone. Occasionally, she appears with two others, who always travel as a pair. That pair may be the dominant breeding couple of our territory and may be trying to drive this one out. It's also possible that this coyote tussled with a bobcat or lion, escaping relatively unscathed with only a torn ear.She's still beautiful despite the torn ear, in my opinion.


  1. Yes she is!

    We feel so badly for the 'reputation' they get -

    They are only doing what they are programmed to do -

    Thanks again for sharing the great pics!

  2. She does look pretty.

    Fun to see the dogs working off some pent up energy. The snow here is very wet with a crust on top that Java walks on for awhile then breaks through at points so she's really been struggling and comes inside completely out of breath.

    I got your note about breaking trails. I walked a trail in my snowshoes to flatten things out some, then ski-walked a path but the snow mixed with rain keeps making a mess out of it. At points, the iciness makes the skis start whizzing away until they get buried in snow and come to an abrupt halt while my body keeps going. Good thing snow is a good cushion.

    It's fun anyway and a good workout.

  3. Interesting to ponder the coyote. We just spotted one yesterday. Lovely to observe...

  4. She is a beauty! So are those skies! I love the stick tussle! xoxo

  5. Our dogs have also been wild and crazy since we got home yesterday afternoon. I guess they all need to blow off a little steam!

    The coyote is beautiful - she looks very elegant.

    We got a trail camera for Christmas - we're still trying to figure out how to use it, though, since there was no manual in the box!

  6. torn ear and all, she is quite beautiful.....interesting to wonder what happened...

  7. Something about a grey day when the sun finally comes through. Seems like more of a gift than the sunny day from morning to night.

  8. What a treat to finally catch up with your wonderful posts. I've already started the positive vibes for your upcoming surgery.

  9. Hi KB, Thinking of you today - it's sunny here in Denver and not as cold. We walked to Whole Foods for some exercise (and dinner!). I love the 3-point sit! They all seem to be at attention. The Coyote's fur is a lovely color. Take Care.


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