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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Golden sunset and action photo vote!!

Yesterday evening, as the pups and I emerged for our sunset ski, the entire world glowed golden.
We took a beeline route to a sunset viewpoint. But first, R needed to stop and wriggle in the rough snow, scratching his his back. Although the dogs have spent a large portion of our outdoor time on their backs recently, they always hop onto their feet, looking dignified, when I pull out my camera. This surreptitious distant photo is the best that I've captured so far.
When we crested the ridge and glimpsed the western sky, the orange clouds glowed against the eggshell blue sky with the snow-cloaked mountains barely visible.
A closer look almost showed a surreal scene.
Posed Photo Vote
Thanks to everyone who voted yesterday on their favorite 'posed' photo and for your great observations telling me about what you liked in certain photos. So far, the votes are: 7 votes for A ; 4 votes for B; 12 votes for C; 5 votes for D. If you haven't voted yet on yesterday's photos, please do. I'll keep counting and enjoying every single comment!

Action Photo Vote
Today, I'm going to move on to my favorite four 'action' photos from the past year. I'd love it if you could choose your favorite two to help me decide which one to submit. Thanks in advance!

A) R gallops through a snowstorm

B) R gallops through wildflowers at dusk (with K barely visible in the background)

C) R gallops through wildflowers in sunlight (but R is less sharply focused than in photo B)
D) K gallops through an aspen grove in autumn
I loved reading yesterday's comments! Thank you so much!


  1. I think B cuz R is having a blast and you can tell it, plus you got K in there as well

  2. I really love A, the snow scene but you can't see any face, so I am going with C, running in the meadow and D, the beautifully colored K in the Aspen Grove.

    B is nice but I don't care for K being so far away and not identifiable. If she could be up closer, it would be a great pix.

    Were we supposed to pick out two? Well, I just did! This is fun!

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo and Stella

  3. You capture our mountain sunsets so well, KB! Unfortunately, I'm normally snug by my fire when the sun begins to set. I think C is a great action shot - the image of R is sharp plus those wildflowers - Oh MY!

  4. A

    but another too close to call!

    The other shots for today were incredible as well!

  5. I vote for B and D. I like the spring flowers in the first. But I REALLY love the last picture with all the browns.

  6. I really love photo B. That's ultimate labrador bliss!

    I also really love the picture of R rolling around on his back in the orange-hued snow. What a wonderful picture.

    RE the attention seeking - it's so hard not to give in to them, isn't it? I can't help but start giggling when she starts barking like that. Next time, I'll try to get a video of the grunts that she does. They're hysterical.

  7. I vote for A. Even though you can't see as much detail, and even though the other photos have more color, I just love the composition of photo A.

    (By the way - I left you a reply to your last comment on my blog.)

  8. well, since photo B made me giggle out loud i have got to vote for that one...the sheer joy in R's face and the little K reminder in the background are awesome :)

  9. Hey there KB
    For some reason I couldn't get "A" to load, so my choices are in the last three. I will therefore only choose one: and I think "B" takes it totally. You have captured the joy of Spring, the dogs are in action (bounding) and there are both in the photo.
    Again, good luck. It's been fun to be involved.
    Also sending you lots of love and healthy vibes.

  10. love the sunset photos...

    i vote for A and then B...they are all darling...

  11. I like the bat ear look, so I vote for A...
    Your world is beautiful, thanks for sharing w/ us

  12. B and D Altho my all-time favorite is the one the other day of R completely airborne.
    ICBD Inter Continental Ballistic Dog!

  13. The sky photos are awesome! As for action photos, I like A the most because of the ears flying up.

  14. Definitely A. The ears in the air are priceless.

  15. I like either of the ones of R in the flowers. I'm a sucker for flowers.


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